Lovely Changes

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The sun was out brightly. It was getting hotter and hotter. The powder on her face was slowly failing her due to such a hot heat. Maybe it would be great if she takes the powder off for some time. She hasn't gone out for awhile now. 

There was little breeze and she craved for something cool to eat. Yesterday, she stopped cultivating and saw that Mingyu was still asleep. This morning, she checked again and Mingyu was still not awake. How long does a Golden Serpent need to sleep? Was it that it was a Divine beast so it takes a longer time?

She continued walking while Mei followed her from behind. While walking, she kept thinking about the possibility of Mingyu not waking up again. She didn't save someone just to have them dead later.

Just as she walked towards her courtyard, a strong aura appeared. She really felt familiar with this aura, though it was a bit stronger now. 

Chu Feng ran into her courtyard and stopped in front of her closed room. 

"Mei, go make some delicacies, any is fine." 

Chu Feng held in her excitement while telling Mei what to do. After Mei quietly left, Chu Feng unhurriedly walked to her room's door. She opened it with a bright smile on her face.

A teenage boy was standing in front of her, naked. His golden yellow eyes were staring at Chu Feng, not taking it off one bit. His golden yellow hair had grown long, almost touching the ground. His skin was porcelain. He looked like he came out of a painting.

Chu Feng's smile froze at the sight of the teenage boy. He looked like Mingyu, but he seemed to have grown taller.

"Mingyu?" Chu Feng questioned. She knew that it was him from his aura, but she still asked. 

Her face was surprised at the fast growth of Mingyu, too surprise that she forgot one important thing. 

"Clothes!" Chu Feng yelled. She frantically went through her closet for clothes for a boy. There were none. 

At last, she picked out one from her closet. It should fit Mingyu for now. The color was purple. It was meant for a woman to wear but now, it looked perfect on Mingyu. 

Mingyu stood still while Chu Feng fixed clothes on him. His face had no expression, the same as Chu Feng currently.

Mei, who accidentally came in as the door was open, saw the two. She almost dropped the delicacies that was made just now. 

Chu Feng didn't mind. They've been together now for so long. Mei will eventually find out about Mingyu sooner or later. Though, Chu Feng didn't plan on telling her Mingyu's identity yet.

"Mei, put the snacks on the table and continue your work." 

Mei followed her orders and went to work. She will keep her mouth shut. 

Mingyu was cleaned up by Chu Feng. His hair was cutted and combed nicely into a small ponytail. It was really the only hairstyle she knew other than making it into a bun. She didn't want to cut all of Mingyu's hair as she didn't know what Mingyu wanted his hairstyle to look like.

"You've really grown," Chu Feng said. 

"It's pity that you grow so fast. You'll attract many woman and may even break many hearts." 

Chu Feng joked around as she did her final touches on Mingyu. She patted Mingyu's head like she always did. Although this time, Mingyu was a little taller now but not as tall as Chu Feng. Their heights were only off by a few inches. 

Mingyu continued to watch the movements of the woman in front of him. His eyes followed her everywhere and his ears listened to whatever she was saying. What Chu Feng just said somehow irritated him but he didn't know why. 

He looked closely at Chu Feng's face. The smell of powder made him more irritated. He hated the smell. Maybe he was irritated due to the smell of the powder.

"I'll take you outside with me. Let's go visit our home." Chu Feng kept on talking to Mingyu even though she knew he couldn't speak. She gave him the delicacies to eat and fill his stomach for now.

In the novel, this man appeared for a few chapters. He had no lines, even when he decided to kidnap Li Yu Yan and took her captive in his cave somewhere. Thus, Chu Feng concluded that he was definitely a mute. Though, Chu Feng also thought that there would be a slight chance of Mingyu being able to speak.

Chu Feng took Mei and Mingyu out. They all went through the front door. Every servant in the Zhou household saw them three go out together. But who was the young man following after them? Even if they wanted to ask, they couldn't. A master is a master. That was a fact they learned the hard way through Chu Feng.

The three of them went outside by footsteps, deciding not to take the carriage. After all, all that time sitting while cultivating really made Chu Feng want to go out and stretch. The three of them went into a clothing store first. It was to buy clothes for Mingyu. This time, she made sure to buy some teenage boy clothes and some adult male clothes for him if he grew unexpectedly again. She wanted to be prepared.

Mingyu followed behind Chu Feng, not letting her out of his eyesight, while Mei was asked to go buy some food for them. 

"These clothes would be perfect," Chu Feng smiled brightly while thinking of Mingyu wearing the clothes. He'll look good.

At the paying table, the young woman blushed at the sight of Mingyu. Chu Feng saw the young woman's pink face. 

Wow, Mingyu is really a handsome boy or the woman must just be too innocent.

Chu Feng pulled out a smile and talked to the lady, "How much would these clothes be?"

"Each one of them are made by Master Ling so they will cost three yellow crystals each," the young woman replied with her face fully red as a tomato now that Mingyu was brought closer to her. It was the effect that Chu Feng wanted.

"Can't it be lowered? I'm buying clothes for my nephew here. He doesn't have much clothes at home." Chu Feng said in a convincing voice but softly. She made eye contact with the young woman and the young woman's eyes lowered, taking a look at the clothes again.

"I can only lower it down to two yellow crystal each." The young woman was now fully red from head to toe. 

"One yellow crystal," Chu Feng responded quickly. 

"He really needs these clothes as he's still single and needs to find a partner," Chu Feng winked at the young woman. 

The young woman's heart beated quickly hearing that Mingyu was still single. Her eyes met up with Mingyu's and she quickly look away. Maybe she will have a chance with him. 

"O-One yellow crystal is fine." The young woman knew of the consequences for lowering the price so much, even if the clothes weren't top quality. Those clothes were still made by Master Ling and Master Ling never allow the clothes he makes be sold at such a low price.

Chu Feng was happy. She didn't have to buy pricey clothes because of Mingyu. Because of him, she got a huge discount. Maybe she can do it again. 

Just right after they walked away from the clothes store, Mingyu grabbed onto Chu Feng's clothes. He had a face of 'Why'd you do that?'.

"It was an opportunity for a discount."

Chu Feng replied truthfully. Mingyu's face looked disordered then, he looked away. 

It seems like she couldn't use him again. 

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