Too Many Eyes

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Chu Feng moved her head as natural as she could away just to meet up with someone's burning gaze. They belong to the Seventh Young Master of the Lan Clan, Lan Jing. 

Why was he staring at her? Was something on her face? 

She started to wipe her face to get rid of anything on her like the food she just ate. After wiping herself, she moved a different location, away from Lan Jing's view. 

"Ah!" Someone screamed. "I-I-It's Master Ling! Master Ling's here!" 

Everyone made way and looked at the door. Chu Feng also focused on the figure walking in. A tall man whose height could be a few inches taller than the male lead walked through the door wearing a red robe with a fan. 

"Ah, that's not Master Ling."

Everyone started to conversed in disappointment. Just then, someone yelled, "Master Ling is behind that young man."

Chu Feng peeked her head out of the crowd to see Master Ling. There was a sudden push as the crowd got bigger to see Master Ling. 

Push came to shove as Master Ling could not be seen due to the tall man in red. 


Someone fell onto the floor. They blocked the man in red's way and the man in red looked down at the person. That person was scared witless and froze there. Some people had to take that person away.

Master Ling, a character that was rarely mentioned in the novel, was being treated like a celebrity. How could he be more popular than the male lead?

Chu Feng moved out of the crowd and managed to get to a free open space. 

"Sister!" Han Xiwei and Han Susu called out. They finally got to meet their younger sister after almost a year.

"You've never visited us. Concubine Yi really misses you," Han Susu said it softly. She spoke so low and soft that no one would think that she was being pretentious. 

Han Xiwei was smirking at Chu Feng. "I'm surprise you could even come."

"Same to you too," Chu Feng replied. She was really sick of all this drama drawn to her. First it was the two wives of the Prime Minister, now it was the two Han sisters. She really did not like the fate of Han Qin Xi. Was she a magnet for people to come and cause her trouble?

"How is the Young Prime Minister Zhou? Is he good in bed?" Han Xiwei came closer to Chu Feng and whispered as low as she could.

"Still the same as always. You're still eyeing for your sister's husband. If you really want him that much then ask Grandfather Han to get you in. The Prime Minister's doors are always welcoming new woman every now and then." Chu Feng immediately replied back without hesitation. It seems that she got used to the Han sister's talking over time. "He'll be real gentle to you."

Talking to the Han sisters was amusing but that amusement only lasted for a moment. It was time to give presents to the Second Madam Li. 

Exotic and rare things were given to her only. No one gave the Second Madam Li something common. 

The first one to give the Second Madam Li her first present was her daughter second daughter, Li Qianru. Following after was Li Gao Xian. Second Madam Li loved the Jaded Vine and complimented it nonstop. 

This brought on the envy of many people. Some wanted the Jaded Vine while others were competing for Second Madam Li's favor. As Li Gao Xian walked back to her seat, she caught sight of Chu Feng. She smiled gracefully to Chu Feng though not many people knew who she did it to.

It was surprising that Li Gao Xian could still recognize Chu Feng with her overly powdered face. Chu Feng smiled back. Some people did too as they thought Li Gao Xian was looking at them. Li Gao Xian's smile could kill people. It was that beautiful. 

Chu Feng continued shoving food into her mouth as people gave out more presents to Second Madam Li. When it was nearly her time, she went to find Madam Zhou who was sitting happily next to Madam Li. Madam Zhou actually introduced Chu Feng in to Madam Li. 

There were too many surprises today. Who would have thought that Madam Zhou would introduce Chu Feng to Madam Li? Chu Feng didn't think that Madam Zhou and herself (CF) had such a good relationship. Madam Zhou never introduced Han Qin Xi as her daughter in law to anyone in the novel. Han Qin Xi would be the one who introduces herself since Madam Zhou would try to avoid Han Qin Xi every time.

Finally, it was the Prime Minister's household to give their presents. Madam Zhou went first.

"Ah, how beautiful these pearls are," Second Madam Li hadn't seen any pearls this big before. They were as big as her palm.

"These pearls are extremely rare. They were found at the deepest part of the sea by my dear son." Madam Zhou didn't really like the Second Madam Li as much as Madam Li. She will find anyway to spite Second Madam Li. The best way she knew was through telling her son's achievements since the Second Madam Li had no sons of her own. 

Madam Zhou was only digging her own grave. Luckily, Second Madam Li let her go since it was her (SML) birthday.

Next was Chu Feng's turn. She didn't have anything extravagant nor anything that would bring aws. She only gave Second Madam Li a flower resin bangle bracelet. There were different types of flowers frozen in time in the see through bracelet. Second Madam Li's face froze for a moment then smile dearly at Chu Feng.

The smile creeped Chu Feng out. Was she satisfied with the gift?

Second Madam Li said her thank yous and put the bracelet on. The people did not understand why Chu Feng would give such a common thing to the Second Madam Li. It was just a bracelet in their eyes.

To those people, it was just something common but to Second Madam Li, it was more than that. The flower resin bangle bracelet was made with care. It was something that even the master crafts could not create nor find. The types of flowers in the flower resin bangle bracelet were also all rare types. The moment she laid her eyes on it, she fell in love with it. She was impressed but she didn't know if Chu Feng was the one who made it or if she bought it.

Lou Nan and Zheng Mingran went after. They gave Second Madam Li youthful elixirs and fine cloths.

After the unwrapping of the presents, it was the feast and cheers. 

Li Gao Xian walked up to Chu Feng. The eyes that followed Li Gao Xian landed on Chu Feng too. 

"Does your shop also sell those bracelets too?" Li gao Xian caught sight of the bracelet when her mother wore it. It was really eye catching.

"It's a new item," Chu Feng felt weird talking to Li Gao Xian. 

Li Gao Xian was like a fairy who came down to earth. It hard for Chu Feng to get comfortable talking to Li Gao Xian with so many eyes looking at them.

"If you want, I can help you promote your shop. I will be better than my mother." Li Gao Xian caught on to Chu Feng's tracks. She bowed a little to Chu Feng, showing her courtesy and willingness to be used by Chu Feng. Li Gao Xian made a face of 'I am at your disposal'.

Chu Feng gave that flower resin bangle bracelet to Second Madam Li for only one reason and that was to have Second Madam Li show off the bracelet so that she would get customers. Li Gao Xian was surprisingly smart. But the thing was, why did she fall for someone like Lan Jing?

Although they were conversing, no one could make out their conversation.

Someone, please tell her why everyone is acting so weird tonight.

Chu Feng thought to herself. Was her death coming faster than she thought?

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