The Beginning of the End

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The moment Grandfather Han got to the Han Residence, he coughed out more and more blood. He did not want to show weakness in front of his enemies so he kept up his powerful look.

The Han elders quickly called for a physician. 

Han Xiwei and Han Susu took care of Grandfather Han carefully while some servants went to fetch a physician. They had gotten better since Chu Feng left the Han household. 

Concubine Yi cried nonstop for Chu Feng. She said some things like what Ming Shu said earlier. 

After Grandfather Han's condition was stable, Chu Feng announced that she was leaving. 

"A woman who has married and divorced is bad luck for their family," Chu Feng said as she held onto Grandfather Han's hands. It was a strong belief held by the people of Nian City. "I need some time to recollect myself too, Grandpa." 

Like this, Chu Feng found a way for her to leave the Han clan although it broke her to say it. For Mingyu and Mei Lien, she had to leave. It wasn't as if she cut ties with them though. She could visit them any time. 

Chu Feng left the Han residence after a few days. Han Xiwei and Han Susu seem to look sad when they said their goodbyes to her. They've really showed their true self to her. As she said from the start, the three would have been great sisters if the Young Prime Minister Zhou didn't get in their way. 

Concubine Yi was one who cried nonstop when she heard that she had to say goodbye to Chu Feng. She really treated Han Qin Xi as her own daughter.

Before they left for Death Valley, they had to take all the orders from their clients. Lou Siying's request was the last one they had to do. Mingyu went to send Lou Siying's flower to him while Ming Shu, Chu Feng, and Mei Lien help pack up their things. 

Ming Shu was happy when she heard that Chu Feng was moving away. Of course, she was saddened by the thought of not being able to see Chu Feng every now and then, but she had to go into seclusion for the next four to five years too so she wouldn't be able to accompany Chu Feng at all until her seclusion ended. 

Li Gao Xian showed up but didn't get the answer that she wanted. Chu Feng gave her a parting gift: a book about plants that she knew of and the unsold flower jewelries. Chu Feng knew that Li Gao Xian loved plants, more than Li Yu Yan, a Flower Maiden.

Within a week, news had spread about the divorce and rift between the Han and Zhou clan. Even the Li clan was involved too in the rumors. 

Hearing about what Li Yu Yan did, Master Li grounded Li Yu Yan for a month inside her courtyard, but she was the female lead. She had other ways to get out of the Li residence. She planned on avoiding the Young Prime Minister Zhou until he pleads her. 

All the requests were done in two weeks. They also gained enough money and closed down the shop but not for forever. When they want to come back to visit Nian city, they'll have a place to stay. Ming Shu told Chu Feng to go to the administrator and put her name on the land where their flower shop was so that no one could claim that its theirs unless they bought it from her (CF).

Before they left, Chu Feng caught wind of the Young Prime Minister Zhou going to the Han Clan but being unable to chat with anyone. The servants would always say that their masters were busy. She laughed at the thought of the Young Prime Minister Zhou going back and forth to the Han Residence everyday. 

The Han clan kept Han Qin Xi's leave a secret as per request from the owner herself so no one outside of the Han Clan knew that she already left the Han Residence, even the Han clan's servants had their lips sealed tightly.

Chu Feng kissed goodbye to Nian City and set off to Death Valley, her new home. 

Han Qin Xi, this is where my role ends as you. 

I am Chu Feng.

When Chu Feng got to Death Valley, the place felt so familiar, like she had already been there before at Death Valley.

The scenery, although like a desert, looked so familiar. Mountains surrounded them. This place really is familiar, like the dream she had. Was this the place from her childhood memories? Was the pace from her memories not in her world but this world?

She imagined a field of yellow daffodils. The scenery fit exactly. She got off their carriage and went to the center of the valley to confirm her thought. Ah-ah. It really was the place.

At this time, nothing surprised her anymore. She's already decided to live in this universe. So, even if she was originally from this world, she no longer cared. She didn't really want to go back anyways since she had to watch over two kids, Mingyu and Mei Lien.

She no longer saw them as just 'characters'.

COMMENT: This is the end of Part 2. I didn't think it would end this fast (since in my mind I had so much planned for it but after typing them all down, it was the end for this part) so that's why I said on the earlier episode that Part 2 would end by the end of July or August. This really is the end for Part 2 just to be clear. There would be a time jump into 4 years, starting the next chapter. Once again, I will say that the episodes released from here on out will be much, much more slower. Thank You for reading!

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