Plan (2)

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Everyone stood looking at her.

The entire manor knew how clumsy Han Qin Xi was.

Ever since Han Qin Xi was adopted into the Han Clan, she always made mistakes and those mistakes were huge.

One time, Han Qin Xi broke the heirloom vase. The vase had been passed down by generations and generations, yet Han Qin Xi, someone who was only adopted, broke it.

The outcome was that Han Qin Xi was spanked with a thin stick -which contained spiritual energy in it.

If that wasn't enough, Han Qin Xi was also not fed much and locked in her room for a month, not one light could be seen in the room.

Han Qin Xi almost went blind for being caged in the dark room for a month.

Grandfather didn't even know then. He was in seclusion and barely came out two years ago.

Grandfather Han looked at Chu feng and sighed. His hand was touching his forehead and he turned to walk away.

"Clean the mess up." Grandfather commanded the servants.

"Grandfather, I'll do it. I created the mess." Chu Feng was not willing to let anyone see what she was trying to do.

Grandfather stopped and nodded and everyone else followed him out. Well, except for the two daughters of the Han Clan.

Han Susu and Han Xiwe made sure everyone of them left. Then, they covered their nose.

"Ah. Little sister is so clumsy." Han Susu said while covering her nose and looked like she was trying to get some breathe.

The words she said may sound appealing, but she was only mocking Chu Feng. Though, it was a fact that Han Qin Xi was very clumsy.

"Little sister, do you need help? My maids can personally help you learn to cook before you go to become Prime Minister Zhou's wife." Han Xiwe clicked her tongue.

These two really loved the young Prime Minister Zhou. They were infatuated with him and if not for him, the three's relationship wouldn't be so bad.

Han Qin Xi would've still had a good life and maybe, possibly a new one, if one of them didn't have to marry the young Prime Minister Zhou.

Since young, the three had always been together until three years ago when Han Qin Xi's Spirit Root was found better than theirs and the matchmaker made sure that Han Qin Xi was to be ignored.

"This child will only bring destruction wherever she goes! To prevent that, she must be married off and only by marrying her off, you'll be selling her soul away!" The sham matchmaker declared to everyone in the Han Clan.

Thus, Han Qin Xi was more and more disliked. Her clumsiness helped her with it.

Staring at the two sisters, Chu Feng could not help but laugh in her heart.

As soon as the two sisters found out that Han Qin Xi was better than them, they stared disliking her. Comparing all their looks and figures, Han Qin Xi won them all and was also the youngest out of the three.

Han Susu was the oldest at 16 and only a month older than Han Xiwe came next who was also 16. Han Qin Xi was also only taken into the family when she was six and her birthday was unknown. As a result, she was considered younger than Han Susu and Han Xiwe.

Yes. Han Qin Xi's birth date was not specified in the novel. It was only said that her birthday was changed to the day she was adopted into the Han Clan by Father Han (fourth son of Grandfather Han).

Chu Feng was too busy thinking about everything happening in the story that she did not realize that the two sisters had already said what they wanted and left. Only she was left in her courtyard.

Yang was also nowhere to be found.

Why couldn't minor characters just build a good relationship with each other? They are all characters that will die at some point in the story anyways.

Well, to be precise, the three of them -Han Qin Xi, Han Susu, and Han Xiwe- would be the first three who falls as the mob characters that tries to separate the female lead and male lead.

Since everyone was gone, Chu Feng went back to work. Later, Yang came back to her saying that she went to prepare the bath for Han Qin Xi.

Chu Feng didn't really care for she already knew the maid's "devotion" towards her master.

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