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Both Chu Feng and the Young Prime Minister Zhou were at opposite ends. The Young Prime Minister Zhou suddenly got up to the table and poured the entire tea into his mouth. 

Chu Feng wasn't sure if it had aphrodisiac in it too like the treats she ate but she couldn't voice it out. If she did, she wasn't even sure if it would come out right. It was best to not make any sounds, else those sounds may get her into trouble.

The Young Prime Minister Zhou threw the teapot onto the wall. It broke within seconds. He went back to sit on the bed, not moving at all. He didn't dare look at the woman in the room with him, else he'll go crazy. 

An aroma suddenly filled the room. It was a sweet fragrance coming out from Chu Feng. Catching the smell, Chu Feng sat on the ground quickly to hide herself as best as she could, out of the Young Prime Minister's sight. Was this the effect of a Flower Maiden in heat? It didn't smell this strongly before in the cave.

She looked at the Young Prime Minister Zhou to see if he caught the smell. She breathed a sigh of relief and stayed still when she saw him move.

He took off his inner robe and threw it away, leaving himself bare with only pants on. The Young Prime Minister Zhou was feeling the heat. Everything was getting hotter and hotter for the both of them but they both were trying hard to control themselves.

None had an antidote. The only antidote they knew of were eachother but that was an impossible task for both of them.

The Young Prime Minister Zhou slept on the bed while holding in his desires intensely. His hair was in a mess and he started to sweat. Every moment felt like pain to him, but he couldn't do anything to the woman who was in the room with him. He had already given her a divorce paper. He couldn't give her hopes. It wasn't right for him to defile her after just deciding to divorce her. With that thought in mind, he stayed stoned on the bed.

Chu Feng, on the other hand, scratched herself until she felt the pain. Each time, she went deeper into her skin. Though, her wounds would immediately heal itself. She slowly lost the feeling of pain and couldn't feel it no longer.

Ah, what should she do? She was ready to pull her hair out next! Forget it!

Chu Feng got up and went over to the Young Prime Minister Zhou. She bit her lips and crawled onto the bed.

They both would die from this if nothing was done!

She turned the Young Prime Minister Zhou towards her and sat on top of him. Her hands touched his toned body. Each time they touched, they would feel an electricity current of pleasure go through their bodies. Out of breathe already from moving around too much in her state, she laid her head on him trying to catch her breathe.

The Young Prime Minister Zhou was frozen. He felt her small breaths on his chest but he wouldn't touch her senselessly like his previous life. Even if he felt the pleasure and the pain, he was determined to not touch her at all.

Chu Feng wasn't finished moving around. She brushed her sweaty hair away. 

'The makeup must be coming off a lot right now,' she thought.

She pushed the Young Prime Minister Zhou to the face the wall and hugged him from behind. Her small hands encircled his body.

The two laid on the bed together. They were only separated by Chu Feng's clothes which she had on only three layers. it was making her hot and sweaty but she wouldn't take it off.

This was the best thing she could do for body contact. It was her limit too. The electricity of pleasure flowed throughout her body once again as she touched his body. She craved for more but more would bring her trouble.

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