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A few weeks later.

In a tea shop, Ming Shu sat before Chu Feng. She (MS) seemed to be very annoyed. This time, she wore a purple outer robe decorated with black flowers. Her side hairs were braided into two while the others were put down nicely. 

Chu Feng on the other hand wore a yellow robe with her hair still tied into a ponytail with a red string. People could mistake her for a beautiful man. She poured Ming Shu tea after pouring herself some. 

Anyone seeing the two would think that they were a couple. 

"This is Spirit Lotus Tea," Chu Feng said as she poured some tea into Ming Shu's cup. "You may like it."

Ming Shu looked at Chu Feng. "If only you were a man," Ming Shu sighed her heart out. She had thought she found the right man but it turned out that man was a woman. The thought of marriage was coming to her mind and making it heavy. 

Chu Feng gave her a beautiful smile. "I may as well live life as a man," she replied.

Ming Shu took her cup and drank it in one gulp. Then, she put the cup down. Chu Feng poured her another cup saying, "This isn't wine."

Of course, Ming Shu knew. 

"The tea is good, but it's taste isn't as golden as the Master Ling's 'Queen's tea'." Ming Shu did not take her eyes off Chu Feng although she gave her feedback. Her mind kept replaying the thought of 'If only Chu Feng was a man'. 

Master Ling? Chu Feng already forgot about him until he was mentioned again. He wasn't that of an important character in the novel's plot. Though, living right now in the novel, people seemed to mention him a lot, even more than the main characters. 

The two haven't seen each other for a while. There were a lot of things to catch up on.  

"It's been a while." Chu Feng wanted to know what was on Ming Shu's mind. Ming Shu didn't seem to look as energetic.

"It has," was all Ming Shu replied. Her mind was somewhere else. She turned to look down stairs at the dancers who were dancing on a small island in the middle of the tea shop.

Chu Feng looked at the distant Ming Shu and said, "How did it go?"

"What do you mean?" Ming Shu replied softly. Her attention was once again somewhere else. 

"Your meeting with your future husband. A lot of people are talking about you, Ming Shu. The great first daughter of the Southern General Ming has finally found her match. I believe he is from the He clan." Chu Feng turned to look at Ming Shu when she mentioned Ming Shu's fiance. 

"Yes. He's the sick fourth son of the He Family, He Delun." 

Again, Ming Shu looked like she was not focusing on anyone or anything. The thought of marriage was something that Ming Shu didn't really like. If she were to marry, she'd hope it was someone who she picked.

"Will you be marrying him?" Chu Feng questioned while taking a sip of her tea.

This really was a topic that Ming Shu did not want to talk about but since it was Chu Feng, she let it go.

Ming Shu did not reply and Chu Feng no longer wanted to pursue for an answer. Chu Feng knew how Ming Shu felt right now. She was in that position before. They both watched the dancers dance. 

In the tea shop, the audiences watched as if mesmerized by the dancers. All but one of the dancers wore revealing pink dresses. One of the dancers, who Ming Shu said was called "Fei Hong", was the only one who dressed differently. She had a veil on and wore a red dress like a arabian dancer. Though the dress made her look like a seductress. 

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