The Master's Contracts

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Yang quickly covered her mouth. She wasn't supposed to say anything, yet she did. Though, she looked like she didn't regret saying it. Her smile got even bigger.

From her chest pocket, Chu Feng took out a paper. Yang glanced at it and kept smiling like she had no worries about what Chu Feng was going to do until she saw Chu Feng smiling back at her.

Yang started to feel sweat from her forehead. She had already gotten all of Han Qin Xi's contracts before she left to serve Miss Lou Nan. There's no way that Han Qin Xi could still have them. Unless she got the wrong contracts? But there's no way Han Qin Xi is that smart. She had served Han Qin Xi from when she was little and became the closest thing to Han Qin Xi. She knew every secret Han Qin Xi had.

'Thing?' She is a human not a 'thing'. Why is she always treated a thing? She even thought of herself as a thing now. 

Yang started to have an internal conflict with herself, though she did not show it, but Chu Feng already caught on. Yang was reacting as the same way that Chu Feng calculated her to be. 

"Did you really believe that I would leave them out in the open for you to get them?" Chu Feng laughed. "Which master would leave their servants' contracts out in the open for their servants to grab it and free themselves?"

She held those contracts in her hands while slowly crumbling it. 

"No!" Yang cried. The servant contracts were tied to their life. It was a blood contract. If anything happened to it then they would also get it. If their master wanted to tear their life away, they could. Once again, Yang held onto a thought that Han Qin Xi would never destroy her paper and that Han Qin xi was only threatening her. 

She was wrong.

Chu Feng was not Han Qin Xi. Right now, no matter who, if they dare to block her way, she would not tolerate no longer. 

"Let's see if this is really your contract, dear devoted servant. I gave you clothing and fed you with everything that I had. I shared them with you. Yet, you ran away to serve another just because she is more favored than me?" 

Although Chu Feng's face was very ugly right now, her voice was soothing and young. The people watching in front of the Prime Minister's door, even the guards felt pity for Chu Feng for having such a disloyal servant. 

"Remember this lesson and bring it into your after life." Chu Feng ripped Yang's contract apart. Yang's body, at the same time, was ripped apart. She died right then. Blood splattered everywhere, on the ground and on the Prime Minister's door.

This sight was seen by everyone. It was the fate of a disloyal servant and nothing new except, Chu Feng had an identity and it was as the Prime Minister's first wife. Nobles have never killed their servants in front of everyone but in closed doors. 

"You behind the doors, weren't you my servant before too? Why not go tell all my ex-servants about this too? I have all your contracts. Plead to me. Let's see how things turns out." Chu Feng held onto her contracts and pulled out one of the contracts. 

The servant hiding behind the doors had blood all over him. He poked out his head and saw that it was his. His heart sank and he ran to do what he was told while tripping and wetting his pants. Today, he saw a demon from hell. 

The two guards didn't dare look at Chu Feng in the eyes. They looked down as Chu Feng carried Mei into the house. Before she went in she told them, "Clean the mess up."

They were guards weren't they?

But the two wouldn't dare to argue back. Who knows what their First Madam (Chu Feng) will do.

Blood steps were led to Lou Nan's Courtyard. Of course, it was Chu Feng's foot steps though not her blood. She wouldn't dirty her own courtyard with the blood of a disloyal servant so she went to wipe it off after giving Mei to the Zhou residence's doctor. 

Lou Nan, although good at cultivation, had little experience on the battlefield. Seeing the sight of blood, she fainted. But did she think that she will be left off?

Chu Feng went for the servants first. Saving the boss for last will be good.

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