Who are you?

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How long have they stayed in the cave for? How long has the male lead been unconscious for? Did she really kill him?

Chu Feng panicked. She couldn't save him with anything she had on right now. She did not pack any healing pills or elixirs too. The only other possible way was saving him like how Li Yu Yan saved him in the novel but that route isn't a good choice. The female lead will be furious and come for her.

Looking at the male lead, Chu Feng thought 'He does look handsome'. She agreed that Han Qin Xi did have right eyes when it comes to handsome men but it's just that Han Qin Xi wasn't fated to have this man. 

She traced his facial structures as the male lead looked too much like someone who came from a painting, painted so carefully. The heavens in this world is really bias. Why would they give someone this much of out-of-the-world features? What about everyone else? 

Her finger traced from his forehead to his nose and to his lips. It stopped there as she felt someone staring she her. The male lead had his eyes opened looking at Chu Feng with his eyebrows knitted. Chu Feng fell back on her bottoms, dropping the Night Bell.

Ah! Wrong move! 

"You're awake," Chu Feng said alarmed. "How do you feel now?"

She sat back up and grabbed the Night Bell. The Young Prime Minister Zhou pulled himself up. He looked straight at Chu Feng.

"Li Yu Yan?" He said. The light was too dim for him to see the features of the person in front of him. She looked like Li Yu Yan to him.

Chu Feng felt chills go down her spine. Something in her cracked. Come on, Han Qin Xi. He doesn't love you. She told herself. No matter what, when this body sees the male lead, it will react to it. 

She just sat there in silence. Should she reply to him as Li Yu Yan to hide her identity or should she just not say anything? Lying would be bad but she didn't want him to know who she was. If he knew that she was Han Qin Xi, he would probably kill her right then.

"Li Yu Yan," he said as he reached out to touch her face. Chu Feng moved backwards a little so that he wouldn't get to her. Little did she think that the male lead would grab her hands. Both of them laid on the floor. Chu Feng had once again let go of the lantern but this time was on purpose. She couldn't let the male lead see her face. Let him think she was Li Yu Yan.

The male lead was on top of her. He hands crossed Chu Feng and his head laid on her chest, listening to her heartbeat. 

"You're alive and well," he said happily. 

What? Did the female lead die in the novel? Ah! This was the last scene that she read from the volume that recently came out. Li Yu Yan is executed because her family helped the Third Prince with a rebellion for the throne. Only she escaped because she was the main wife of the Young Prime Minister Zhou. But before the male lead could save her, the female lead had already faked her death in prison cell. Li Yu Yan made the Faking Death pill and ate it in the prison. Did she actually die then?

But it couldn't be what the Young Prime Minister Zhou was referring to right? He couldn't have followed after Li Yu Yan's 'death' and killed himself right? He's not a reincarnator right? What a ridiculous idea. She laughed inside her mind. There were other times that the female lead faked her death.

"I thought that I wouldn't see you again," the male lead crossed Chu Feng's hands tighter. His voice was breaking a little.

Well, this was a new sight. She didn't think there was a side of the male lead like this. He never felt so weak or vulnerable to her.

"After you left me, I lived in solitude until the end of my life." 

What? 'End of my life' ? You died before, male lead? Did being in the pond for so long make you think you died?

"I craved to see you so much. I'm happy that we can be together now. In this life, I will protect you forever. Although, you are so foolish sometimes because you know that you would attract me."

'In this life'? He's definitely a reincarnator! This is getting too serious! I'm sorry for lying to you but I'm not who you should tell this confession to.

"E-" Chu Feng was about to say, 'Excuse me, you got the wrong person', but her lips were sealed by his. 

She felt the heat of his longing. 

Too intense! Wrong person! Wrong person!

Chu Feng closed her lips shut as strongly as she could after the male lead let go of her lips for a gasp of air. She tried to slither her fingers away from his. The Young Prime Minister Zhou felt her resistance and tightened his grip on her hands. He pried her lips open and continued to explore the inside of her mouth. 

Air. Male lead, stop. I need air. 

This was the first time in both of her lives that she was kissed so intensely by someone and it wasn't someone who she loved. She didn't know how to kiss or get air while kissing. Her mind went slowly blank and her cheeks felt hot. No, to be correct, her whole body became hot. A sweet fragrance was being released from her and filling the Young Prime Minister's head. 

Wasn't she like an aphrodisiac then?

The Young Prime Minister Zhou's hands slowly undid her outer robe. Chu Feng was brought back to her senses when he touched her chest. 

This is going way too far!

She grabbed his hand with her free hand with all her might and tried to remove it. All she heard him say in response to her resistance was, "I'll take responsibility."

Ah, this was making her angry and uncomfortable. Within not even a second, a vine pulled the Young Prime Minister Zhou away forcefully and slammed him onto the cave's wall. Luckily, she was brought back to her sense before they go to the point of no return. 

Chu Feng go up. If she hadn't called for her vines then she would have been in trouble. Calling them and making them grow was too slow without her being in her other form (Flower Maiden). She had to wait for it to grow for her to use it. Now that she know, she'll have to learn how to make her plants grow faster so she could protect herself. 

Looking at the male lead who fell after hitting the wall, she felt contented. It was just right for him. How dare he take advantage of her?

The Young Prime MInister Zhou got back up. 

"Who are you?" He questioned.

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