Wedding (2)

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So, the Prime Minister won't come. 

Chu Feng sighed of relief. 

Just before, if going by the story plot, the male lead's mother -Madam Zhou- pleaded the male lead to save her best friend's daughter, Li Yu Yan or the female lead. The Male lead will be gone for half a year, chasing and getting chase and getting close to the female lead. 

After waiting for an hour and feeling the coldness of the room, Chu Feng got up and sat at the table next to the bed. Even if her "husband" doesn't come, she's not willing to starve. She pour herself some water and ate the chickens along with the small desserts. 

Ancient food was really tasty, well some are. She ate to her full and packed the leftovers in a small backpack since she didn't have a storage ring or amulet. Luckily, while she was forced to sow, she made herself a backpack and the servants didn't even seem to care as long as she was sowing. 

Chu Feng didn't bring any other clothes to change into, but it didn't hinder her. Her wedding dress didn't really look like a wedding dress in the first place. She didn't have any skills so she didn't put any designs on it except for some flowers on the chest part. 

She would love to live a life in luxury, but wouldn't want to die. Thus, she took all her jewelries off and put them into her bag. She will be able to sell them off later to get crystals.

Her hair was long and got in the way so she cut her hair with her small knife she prepared if something went wrong. Han Qin Xi didn't know how to fight even if she had a good spirit root, after all, and she did not too.

After preparing everything, she was ready to run away.

Tonight, all the guards were relaxed and drank to their full. The only obstacle that she had to go through was her maid Yang who was standing in front of the door with another servant. 

"Yang," Chu Feng called out.

"What is it Miss?" Yang replied sleepily. She was tired out by everything. 

"Ah, nothing. I was just checking if you're still awake." 

Chu Feng said the truth. She really wanted to know if Yang was still there and if she was sleeping. But she was still awake. 

Once again, she waited and waited. The moon was up and it was still thundering and lightening. This time, she checked again and Yang was asleep. 

The other servant who was on watch disappeared. 

Chu Feng looked at the burning candle sticks and something flashed in her eyes.


Next thing, everyone in the Zhou residence heard a loud sound like an explosion at Willow Garden. Chu Feng had gotten up on the rooftop while struggling. She really needed to learn how to climb roofs. She also didn't know how to walk on roofs and was scared of tripping or falling. 

But if she were to go down right now, she would get caught, though maybe they won't recognize her?

The explosion was really loud. Even she did not expect it to be that loud. She had only poured alcohol around the room, especially the bed and lit it on fire. Well, the explosion was due to her accidentally dropping a small piece of curtain that was on fire into the alcohol bottles. 

Well, at least it helped her out anyways and no one was near it. 

Chu Feng had moved the dead asleep Yang out of the courtyard before she set everything on fire. Luckily, Yang didn't even wake up although she was being moved. 

Chu Feng sighed and kissed goodbye to the Zhou residence. She was finally freed of this fate! 

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