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Although Mingyu didn't know why Chu Feng started to smell strongly of flowers, his instincts told him to protect her at all cost. 

Ming Shu, on the other hand, whistled for Ahxi to come back. Ahxi turned into her beast form and Ming Shu jumped on board. Both of them were flying around Mingyu. 

Everything attracted attention.

Ah? What is happening? What made Mingyu turn into his beast form? It's too dangerous!

Suddenly, Chu Feng started to burn up.

Was she going to explode? 

Her breathing became harder and her body began to weigh down on her. Mingyu was still coiling around her but making sure that she had enough space for her to breathe. 


The people with low level of cultivation was running away at the sight of a golden serpent. While the ones who craved for power stayed to fight for the Golden Serpent's core. Those who also believed they could kill the Golden Serpent for fame also stayed. 

Ming Shu brought out her spear while standing on top of Ahxi who was still flying around Mingyu. They were backing him up.

On top of a tree, a man in red was standing there. He closed his fan and jumped down, going towards Mingyu. 

The moons suddenly looked red. 

Mists appeared around the Lake of Lanterns and the wind began to blow colder. 

"Anyone who dares to attack the golden serpent will have to deal with me, Ming Shu, first daughter of the Southern General Ming and will also be an enemy of the Ming household!" Ming Shu loudly declared, one hand holding a spear while the other was enchanting a ball of fire. She was the beloved first daughter and the second in line to be the head of the Ming Clan for gender did not matter in their family but power.

Ahxi was overpowering to the other beasts there and was telling them to back off. Many of the beasts did, but there were also those beats who wanted to challenge both divine beast, the phoenix and the golden serpent. Afterall, both divine beasts were still pretty young compared to all the other beasts there, though their (Ahxi & Mingyu) forms were overpowering.

A few master cultivators and students from renown sects began their attack first. 

Xiao Man and Xiao Yan were there too. They were righteous disciples from Xuanyuan Sect. If they see a beast, they must kill it before it does any harm to the people. But there was no such "people" here that couldn't protect themselves. Those who couldn't, already ran away.

Countless attacks were made yet no scars were seen on Mingyu. His golden scales is stronger and unpierceable by the weapons used by the attackers. Yet, he was not willing to attack--no, it was not that he was not willing to attack but that he didn't want to look evil to Chu Feng. 

Mingyu hissed towards those attackers to back off, yet one of the students from a renown sect jumped in and stabbed the inside of Mingyu's mouth. The outside may be unpierceable but the insides were not. 

The student smiled. "Ha ha ha! Your head's mine now!"

Mingyu cried a scream and shook the student out of his mouth. Though, the sword was still stuck in it.

Ming Shu heard the cry of Mingyu and immediately flew by Mingyu's mouth. She took the sword out. Then, she aimed it at the disciple who was the master of the sword and threw it at it. The sword pierced right through the disciple's head, going pass through his skull and brains, and out the back of his his head.

Ming Shu was really the daughter of a general. She never cared for the sight of blood though her appearance really do look so innocent.

"Shang Gu Bei!" A woman yelled. Her voice screaming at the sight of her beloved man's death. Tears came running down nonstop like a waterfall. 

"My last warning!" Ming Shu got into her summoning stance. 

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