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Willow Garden, Zhou Residence.

Sounds of chaos was everywhere outside the room. People were running and shouting. Whatever had caused this uproar?

Lightning and thunder could be heard. The drops of rain were coming down hard. It was violent, yet the person inside of the room did not care.

Inside the room, a figure of a woman in a bridal dress could be seen. Wearing a dress as red as blood covered with a burgundy veil, this woman was sitting on the bed waiting. Though it was already past midnight, she was still sitting there. She could hear all the chaos outside.

Her hands were clenched into a fist, grabbing on to her dress. Behind those veils, no one would notice that tears fell from her phoenix eyes. For on her wedding night, her groom was not there to attend to her and went to rescue another woman.

She sat unmoving until morning when her maid came into the room. Worriedly, the maid pleaded and cried to her master to eat and get some rest. Only then, did the bride set her heart still.

She needed to understand her husband. Her husband just went to rescue that woman because his mother's close friend's daughter was kidnapped for some unknown reason. She'll accept that and keep it in her. She'll control herself.

In the next few years, she tried everything to attain the affection of her husband but was seen as a woman overly trying to seduce her husband instead and was ridiculed by everyone. Then, came the beatings from the concubines. Next thing she knew was that she was being burned alive by her husband's family.

From the start, she knew her husband fell in love with another woman and that woman was her mother in law's best friend's daughter, Li Yu Yan. The moment they met each other was the moment they fell in love. 

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