A Chance in Meeting

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The little boy seemed to be a mute. He looked so scared. Chu Feng followed his eyes to see where he was looking at.

Noticing that the little kid was being chased by some muscle uncles, she hid the boy behind her. Though, she saw that the little boy's dirty rags were still too noticeable.

Thus, she took off her outer white robe and covered the child. Then, she picked up the child and rubbed his head. 

"It's going to be okay." Chu Feng planned on taking this little boy home and raise him. The little boy looked like a runaway slave and before she covered the little boy, she saw a red burned mark on his shoulder, symbolizing that he was a slave. But only beasts and half bloods were enslaved.

She comforted the child who closed his alerted golden yellow eyes. He smelled flowers from this woman. It felt like home. He really missed his mother. His hands tightened around Chu Feng's neck, not wanting to let go. 

Chu Feng, who was experienced in taking care of children, rubbed her cheeks next to the little boy's neck to show love and comfort for the poor child. She also hugged him tightly to make sure he does not fall. It was a habit she would always do. She had little brothers and sisters once though not blood related.

The muscle uncles had passed them not noticing anything. Though, they did stop to take a look at Chu Feng. They've never really seen such a beautiful father before.

Seeing Chu Feng, who looked like a beautiful man, carrying a child was a sight for everyone. These days, lovable fathers are so rare. Only wives would bring their children out for a walk. The husbands would either be working or having business with the nobles. 

Chu Feng knew that she was being admired, but the ones who were admiring her was wrong. Those muscle uncles were the ones who wanted to catch the child. 

She leisurely walked away while carrying the little boy into a bookstore. 

"Give me all your scrolls and books about cultivating." 

Chu Feng was about to open her mouth yet someone else said it first. She turned around and looked at the person behind her. 

Her luck is really good today isn't it? To meet the male lead her in this place. 

Chu Feng moved her eyes towards the door. She patted on the little boy's shoulders to check if he was still panicking, but the little boy was fast asleep. 

Of course, the female lead was here too. The male lead was once again by the door waiting for the male lead. 

Were they out shopping with each other? And though she didn't hold feelings for him, he dared to take another woman other than his wives out? Actually, was everything at home resolved already? She had left too early to know the outcome. 

Chu Feng went to look around the shop instead of waiting. Who would ever not serve the Prime Minister first? 

The shop was tiny but was full of books. Books and scrolls were seen at every corner. Chu feng made sure the little boy wouldn't wake up even if she moved. Then, she picked up a book along with some scrolls. 

The male lead was still at the counter. Luckily, the shop's assistant came back from lunch so Chu Feng walked over with the things she wanted to buy. 

The shop assistant smiled gently at Chu Feng who he saw was carrying a child. 

"Young Man, you must be a fine father." The shop assistant complimented Chu Feng. 

Excuse me? Man? 

She really needed to look at her appearance right now. 

The male lead also looked over at Chu Feng who was carrying the boy.

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