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Two small sleepy eyes opened up. The little boy leaned back to look at its surroundings and then looked to Chu Feng. 

"Have a good sleep?" Chu Feng made eye contact with the little boy. He nodded and his two small hands landed on Chu Feng's chest. 

She is clearly a woman.

The little action that the little boy did looked like he was trying to find a comfortable place to sleep. Chu Feng didn't really care. It's just that all eyes were on her now that the little boy woke up. 

"It's great to see a father so caring," the shop assistant continued praising Chu Feng who only smiled back as response. 

She really is too tired to deal with this. 

The male lead watched the entire thing. This person, he felt so familiar with, but he couldn't make it out who it was. 

As Chu Feng grabbed her scrolls and books with one hand, the male lead grabbed that hand. Chu Feng looked at the male lead.

"Have we met somewhere?" The male lead was surprised that he grabbed onto her hand. He had a feeling that he must know who this person was.

"Maybe." Chu Feng looked at the male lead and made eye contact. "Would you mind to let go? I'm a really busy person." She broke into a smile though it somehow looked like she was not smiling. 

The male lead still did not let go. "Your name?" Has anyone ever rejected him?

"Is this how you pick up people? I'm not interested. My child is hungry." Chu Feng tried to pull her hand away but he was the male lead after all. His strong hand wouldn't allow her to go. 

The shopkeeper and his assistant only watched, never attempted to involve themself in this mess.

"Didn't you hear the shopkeeper's assistant? I'm also a man. Why don't you let go? The lady at the door seems to be very angsty right now." Chu Feng finally shook off her hand after the male lead loosened. She dragged the shopkeeper and his assistant into the conversation.

The male lead looked at the female lead who was at the door. Li Yu Yan's face looked like something precious of hers was going to be stolen.

The female lead is really possessive of the male lead. Throughout the available volumes of the book, the female lead did not let anyone touch the male lead, only she could. Now that Chu feng thought about it, the female lead seems very manipulative. But isn't this what the readers wanted? 

In this universe, men like the male lead could marry as many wives as they can and treat their wives as bed warmers and baby carriers. The male leads in this story were all twisted as well as the female leads. 

The only reason why Chu Feng reread the available volumes of the book was that the female lead, in the end, was the only wife that the male lead had. It was one on one. The female lead was very admirable in that she was so tolerant for over eight volumes of the novel for sharing her man with the other female leads. She broke through the laws of this universe and made the male lead head over heels for her that he wouldn't allow any men near her.

Chu Feng walked away after putting all the things she bought into her interspatial ring. The mle lead watched the disappearing back of Chu Feng.

The female lead took a look at Chu Feng then back to the male lead. Her eyes burned with jealousy.

Chu Feng felt the stares so she turned and chose another way to walk. She went to a stall that sold peach buns and bought a few. She let the child down and gave him the buns she bought.

She really was going to bring this little boy home, though the Zhou family might think that the child was her bastard child. She wouldn't be able to protect him because of her low level of cultivation. 

After they walked around and the Chu Feng kept feeding the little boy nonstop, she went to trade her jewelries for some blue and green crystals. 

With this much, she could buy a small house or shop. Of course, she bought a small shop and not a small house. She was going to sell things in this small shop of hers. Where else can she get income when she have to wait every month for her pay as a wife of the Prime Minister?

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