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A woman came out, following after Lou Siying. It seems like she was sending him off.

The woman whispered into Lou Siying's ears and then gave him a peck on his cheeks quickly which disgusted him. He quickly summoned some purifying water and washed his entire face with it.

Wasn't that too much of an exaggeration? The woman seemed to be used to it and laughed it off instead. She was doing it on purpose.

Why did this woman look so familiar? Chu Feng knew she never met this woman before but still, she had a feeling that she knew this woman. Maybe this woman was lead or someone who played a role in the novel.

Chu Feng thought it over very hard. Just who was this woman?

"Come by again," the woman said in her most sweet and seductive voice to Lou Siying. 

Lou Siying only ignored her. It seems like he'll never come to this place again. As he walked by the four people who was watching him, he glanced at who they were and walked away. 

Chu Feng was still thinking. Who in the book lived in a brothel once or currently? A realization came to her. 

Fourth female lead! Murong Qin'er, a woman who only make deals with people. She is a business woman only and have eyes for money only. Well, until she met the fourth male lead, Song Liu Wei. She was a woman who only had eyes for the fourth male lead. One of the rare females in the novel who was not taken by the young Prime Minister's looks and power. 

Just as she was thinking and reviewing all the facts she knew about this female lead, Chu Feng's eyes met up with Murong Qin'er. Murong Qin'er smiled her way and stood by the door looking s if she wanted them to go inside. She really loves money right now.

Chu Feng wanted to get to know her as Murong Qin'er's character was really great in the novel. But then she weighed the consequences of interacting with Murong Qin'er. Chu feng could only sigh. Everytime she interacts with the leads, she felt like her death would come right away for some reason.

Mingyu, who stood next to Chu Feng, felt Lou Siying's presence before he (LS) left. He noticed a dark aura from Lou Siying. The aura didn't seem to be his but someone else's.

Ming Shu did not want to go into the brothel. It was against her virtues even if she was a woman and the brothel had only woman hosts there. Her third sister in law was from the brothel and her third sister in law's actions was something she did not like. Her third sister in law was a seductress after the Ming Clan's power. 

Chu Feng saw the look on Ming Shu's face. She already knew what Ming Shu was thinking about. Was it really that bad to have sister in law that came from the brothel? Though, she did know that the third sister in law of Ming Shu will die by the hands of her own husband, Ming Shu's brother for infidelity.

Death for being caught in someone's bed was something Chu Feng could not justify nor justify. Afterall, it was a problem between a husband and a wife. She had enough of that experience with her ex-boyfriend in her universe.

Chu Feng sighed. "Next time, you can come here when there isn't women with you," Chu Feng teasingly said. 

Something in Mingyu felt really irritated. It was already irritating from earlier, but hear Chu Feng say what she did just now made him even more irritating. His hands were clenching but Chu Feng did not notice, Ming Shu did though. Ming Shu's eyes widen and focused on the two's interaction. Was there more to their relationship?

Chu Feng noticed Ming Shu's staring at them and so she smiled back to Ming Shu. The four of them left together to go back to the south of Nian City.

Murong Qin'er looked at the four disappearing figures. Only one caught her eyes. It was of course the male. Her lips tugged upwards while watching Mingyu left.

Ming Shu departed from them after she received a message from her home through a bird carrier. Her face seemed to have become emotionless looking at the message. 

Chu Feng recommended that she should go along with Ming Shu but Ming Shu didn't want her to. Then, she left.

"Mei, go home early." 

Mei obediently left for the Prime Minister's residence although reluctantly.

Chu Feng got a bad feeling. Something really bad is going to happen but she can't guess what it was.

Suddenly, she blacked out.

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