An Enemy At The Front Lines

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By the time Lou Nan was awake, she believed everything was just a bad nightmare. She could not imagine the first wife to be so daring against her. Chu Feng, in Lou Nan's eyes, was just a piece of garbage who couldn't do anything. 

"Yang!" She called out, but no answer came. "What a dumb waste. Where did that thing go?"

Lou Nan got up and walked towards the door. She seemed to caught a whiff of something. It was smelly and not to her liking. She opened the door and walked out, not seeing anyone.

"Yang! I thought that I told you to clean this courtyard?!" Lou Nan was irritated. If it was not for Yang knowing everything about Han Qin Xi, then she wouldn't even take that maid in. Now, she'll just figure a way to get rid of that maid. 

"Yang!" She kept yelling out and continued for a few more times. Just as she was about to yell for the twentieth time, someone answered her.

"Miss Lou Nan, I'm here." A figure appeared from the dark courtyard, but Lou Nan could not make out who it was. It was too dark to see. "Yang, is that you? I've called you so many times and yet you dare to not come?"

There was no answer. The figure just got closer and closer, one step at a time. 

There were trees in Luo Nan's courtyard that had their leaves moving so fast. The wind blew faster and everything seemed to have gotten colder. The lights were suddenly blown out.

Lou Nan, who was still irritated, did not feel anything. Though, her heart was starting to beat faster because of the dark. Unimaginable things can happen in the dark.

"Yang. I know you're there. Stop being so lazy and go light the candles." Lou Nan still yelled at the figure who was now only five feet away. She barely blinked foe not even a second and the figure disappeared. 

"Yang! I will whip you in half if you are not doing what I just told you."

Within a second, all the lights went on but the figure was nowhere to be found. 




"Yang! Stop playing around and come out!" Lou Nan yelled angrily. She was very tired yet Yang dared to play with her. 

The wind blew faster and harder. Somehow, even the trees seemed to have moved. Her face no longer maintained the arrogant and ladylike face.

All of a sudden, she felt something touch her hand. 

"Ah!" Lou Nan screamed. 


Han Qin Xi? Lou Nan thought inside her mind. The voice belonged to Han Qin Xi and of course, she would never mistaken it.

"What are you doing in my courtyard Han Qin Xi?"

"Miss has already forgotten me?" The figure held onto Lou Nan's hands. It's face getting closer and closer to Lou Nan's. 


Something dripped on Lou Nan's hands. She shook her hand hard and took a look at the liquid that dropped on her hand. Somehow, something dripped on her forehead now and something was grabbing her hands again. 

Lou Nan quickly shook her hands again but it did not let go. She grabbed it and it felt like a hand, yet there was nothing connecting to it. 

She took a closer look at the bodiless hand. She saw her worthless jewelries that she gave to Yang.

"Ahhhhh!" She cried and screamed. 

But something fell into her mouth. She took it out and saw an eyeball. Lou Nan teared and teared like a raging waterfall. 

At this point, she was too scared that she forgot about her knowing cultivation. 

"Weren't you going to whip me in half?"

The figure appeared once again and popped out closely in front of Lou Nan's face. It's face had no skin but blood all over it. An eyeball was missing too.

"Ahhhhh!" She screamed and screamed till some servants rushed into the courtyard. 

"Miss, are you okay?" The servants helplessly asked.

"Blood. Blood. Bloody thing. Ah!" Lou Nan cried witlessly. 

It was in the middle of the night. Almost everyone was sleeping though many like Madam Zhou woke up due to the loud screams that echoed throughout the Zhou residence. 

Everyone awake gathered at Lou Nan's courtyard. Even the young Prime Minister Zhou came to Lou Nan's courtyard. 

"What happened?" He asked. 

The servants shook their head, telling the male lead that they did not know anything.

"When we came, she was already like this," one of the servants said not willing to look up.

Hiding behind the bunch of servants, Chu Feng had on a wicked smile. A little help with makeup and effects already made Lou Nan scared witless. 

Who is crazy now?

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