Enemy or Foe?

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Ming Shu was a really talkative person. Her appearance makes her out to be very innocent and shy though her personality was the opposite. Yet, Chu Feng was glad that she finally had someone to talk to. 

Throughout the entire time, Ming Shu and Chu Feng ate food and talked.

"So, I've heard that you've battled Lou Nan and Zheng Mingran. Tell me about it." Ming Shu's eyes sparkled and her voice sounded ecstatic. 

She was really into rumors and people's problem. A very noisy person but warming at the same time. Chu feng thought again if it was a mistake to befriend her. Ming Shu even knows the identity of the two new wives of the Prime Minister.

"Is it that interesting to know about someone else's life when you should be worrying about your own?" Chu Feng replied back, killing Ming Shu's mood. "At this point, if you don't find a suitable partner then you will be kicked out of the general's house."

Ming Shu seemed like she was reluctant to answer it yet she still opened her mouth, but no sounds came out. So, Chu Feng continued.

"If you are looking for a partner, do not go for the Prime Minister," Chu Feng warned but got a funny look from Ming Shu instead. Choosing the male lead out of all the men in the universe was really a horrible choice.

"So the rumors are true?" Ming Shu's ears grew biggers. She was really noisy. She decreased the distance around them and got closer to Chu Feng. "You really fell head over heels for the Prime Minister. How is he as your husband? Isn't he kind? He's the perfect husband, I heard. Every woman wants him to be their husband."

All of a sudden, Chu Feng became pissed off. 




Everything is from baseless rumors! 

Who could have thought that there were so many rumors about her?

Chu Feng was about to explode from head to toe. So this it? Was she going to be labeled like this forever?

She took a deep breath and replied, "Ming Shu, everyone has eyes and ears and could use them better than me, someone who is only at stage four of cultivation. Yet, they all seem to have eyes and ears only for decoration.?"

With this, Chu Feng stuffed her mouth with two big meat buns. Who in this world will ever see for themselves instead of listening to rumors?

Ming Shu stared at Chu Feng, trying to figure out what Chu Feng had just said. Her mind was a little slow right now.

Seeing that Ming Shu gave her a confused look, Ming decided to put in easier words for her to understand. "I do not love him. I cannot and will not. I refuse to." 

"Even if the you two were the last two in the universe?" Ming Shu was in pure shock. She cannot believe what she just heard. Today, all she thought she knew was true was instead false.

"If so, I would eat him," Chu feng went in for another meat bun.

What was wrong with Chu Feng's logic? Wasn't she supposed to save the world and reproduce with him?

Ming Shu had really been enlightened today and it was still only morning, yet afternoon. 

After a few more conversations and getting to know each other, the two parted ways. And of course, the bill was paid by Ming Shu who offered and thought that Chu Feng would not let her. In the end, Ming Shu was still the one who paid for everything though she barely ate. 

Chu Feng finally ate to her full after a whole month of 'dieting'. She walked around and heard countless rumors about her. 

And of course, they were all false. 

Who the heck is spreading rumors about her?

It was nearly afternoon and Chu Feng had went to almost all the bookstores and market place available. She had bought so many things and yes, they were cheap things but valuable.

She bought a used interspatial bracelet as well as more Brown Root Seeds since they were wasted this morning. They had more uses than anyone would have thought. Still, it was pretty weird that although she went to all the marketplaces and bookstores, she couldn't find her maid at all. Though, Mei could have just went home early after buying the planting books. 

Chu Feng, all of a sudden bumped into a little kid. The kid had a bun like cheeks and so was his body. But his eyes were not ordinary. They were golden yellow.

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