Forever Be My Granddaughters

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It was near midnight and Mei Lien finally came back. Chu Feng was asleep on the chair by the door while waiting for Mei Lien's return. 

As she turned around, Mingyu gave her a questioning look of "Why'd you come back so late?"

"I lost track of time. It has been a while and I went around looking at things," she replied with a stiff smile. Her face muscles were cold to the point where she could barely move them. 

Currently, her face was pale white and cheeks were red. Her hands were frozen cold but no one could tell as they were hidden deep in her fur coat. 


Chu Feng moved uncomfortably. Not finding a comfortable spot, she opened her eyes to see Mei Lien at the door. 

"Ah, Mei Lien, what took you so long?" She questioned half awake.

"I got caught up in shopping," Mei Lien replied. She walked over to the kitchen and took out the food she bought from her interspatial bracelet. 

Chu Feng watched the slim figure go into the kitchen. Somehow, she felt that Mei lien was distancing herself. She also just lied. Why? She'll have to ask when morning comes since she was too sleepy right now. 

She stood up unbalanced and almost fell. Mingyu supported her and carried her back to her room. Mei Lien busied herself once again for tonight, she couldn't sleep. They must have done something when she wasn't here but she shouldn't care about it. 

In the room, Mingyu set Chu Feng onto the bed slowly. Chu Feng fell asleep deeply. She was sleep deprived although she had slept for so long because of Han Qin Xi.

She'll have to do something tomorrow else she would go to crazy with Han Qin Xi's haunting and crying about her wish.

As she was going back to sleep, she could feel someone's hands caressing her face. 

Damn. Is it a bug? Why must it bother me when I'm trying to sleep peacefully?

Chu Feng turned her body the other way and covered herself with the blanket.

In her dream, she saw Grandfather Han sitting next to Han Qin Xi who was crying. 

Why was Grandfather Han in her dream today? And why was Han Qin Xi crying? 

The scenery was Han Qin Xi's courtyard at the Han Residence. The two sat on table next to a bed of roses.

Something just didn't feel right at all.

"I've already known. It's okay," Chu Feng heard Grandfather Han say to Han Qin Xi. He patted Han Qin Xi's back. 

"Either way..." Grandfather Han stopped and waved for her (CF) to go sit next to them. They talked for a while about a few things. 

"Both of you are and will always be my granddaughters. Chu Feng, please look after the Han Clan," Grandfather Han said and disappeared from the dream. 

Then, the room turned white and Han Qin Xi disappeared too. 

Something really didn't feel right. 

Within minutes, it was already morning. A teardrop came out of her eyes as she opened them, unnoticed. Chu Feng felt as if she didn't even sleep at all. She had expected for a good night sleep but it turned out to be the opposite.

She looked at herself in the bronze mirror that was not there yesterday. Did she shower yesterday night? 

No. She was wearing the same clothes as yesterday. She really was too tired and forget to shower.

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