The Worse Case (1)

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In an apartment room, Chu Feng was laying around reading a novel called "The Last Winter Flower of Nian City". She had finished already all volumes available of the book and was now rereading it again. She loved reading them and loved its characters.

Chu Feng blinked for a second and she was in a different surrounding. Instead of holding her novel, she was holding a paintbrush. In front of her, was a piece of paper. A poem was written on it. Written below the poem was "Han Qin Xi".

Han Qin Xi? Wasn't she one of the wives of the male lead in "The Last Winter Flower of Nian City"? Or, am I mistaking it? Am I in the novel right now?

Deep in thought, she didn't notice that a maid came in yelling, "Miss! Headmaster really picked out your name to give you to Prime Minister!"

Shocked, not because the maid rushed in, but because she was already so close to her death although she had just gotten there.

"Are you really sure?" Han Qin Xi asked.

"Yes! Out of your three sisters, Headmaster chose your name!" She said so while panicking.

Chu Feng got up and rushed to the main room. She reached for the door.


The door opened, surprising Chu Feng. Two women came out crying, one in a purple dress while the other was wearing a green dress.

Inside, an old man about the age of 60 had his hand holding his forehead sitting on the Headmaster chair. Immediately, Chu Feng knew this was not the time to talk to him, but she really needed to.

"What is it now?" The old man said loudly that it can shake someone to death.

"Qin Xi wants to call off the wedding," Chu Feng said, unshaking nor moving. Although the voice of the old man was loud, it wasn't emitting an angry nor irritated voice towards Chu Feng.

The old man replied with a sigh then said: "Even if you want to be nice to your sisters and let one of them take your place as the bride of the Prime Minister, I have already decided. It will be you and only you. No one can change my mind. They've been too spoiled by this family while you weren't. Only you are fit to marry the Prime Minister and by chance, I chose the stick that had your name on it. It must be fate."

"Qin Xi doesn't want to leave Hea—Grandpa," Chu Feng said sternly. "My sisters are of your bloodline, I am not. I am afraid that I will only bring unhappiness upon the Han family. My sisters will be a much better match than I, someone only adopted."

"Enough. It does not matter. I've made the decision as the Headmaster. I'll have the servants prepare everything. The wedding is in three months. It's final." The old man said as he got up from the chair.

Chu Feng could not accept the wedding. Otherwise, she'll only be walking on the path to death. Within three months, she must figure out a way. Although she would like to meet the male lead and the female lead, the moment they meet each other, will be the moment tragedy falls upon her. She'll have to avoid them at all cost.

That's it!

Chu Feng got up and hurriedly left the room. Her maid, Yang, followed behind.

Then, she stopped and said: "Prepare the bath for me." 

Yang immediately took action while Chu Feng went to her room.

Inside her room, she changed her clothes while admiring the person in the bronze mirror. Although the mirror wasn't as good, she could see the features of Han Qin Xi. She had a face and body of a goddess, or even better! Chu Feng had never seen anyone this beautiful!

Smooth and soft skin, naturally pink cheeks, small plump lips, hazel phoenix eyes, a healthy body, and her chest size was not too bad--it was just right.

It made her think: If the male lead chose the female lead instead, then does that mean the female lead is much more beautiful than her?

All kinds of thoughts came to her mind on that evening.

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