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Rushing home before dark, Chu Feng immediately went into her courtyard. Her devoted maid was left outside preparing for the bath for Chu Feng.

As soon as she made sure that she was alone, she popped out a hundred handbags of seeds that was the size of a fingernail.

Luckily, the people didnt know what the seeds were used for or else they would have raised the price so high she wouldn't be able to buy any.

The seeds were called "Brown Spirit Seed" because of their brown outer shell. These seeds were only ever used for aiding people with their cultivation if they had the the Brown Spirit Root which people rarely had since it's a mixed of Red and Green Spirit Roots.

In this universe -the universe of the book "The Last Winter Flower of Nian City"-, there is a hierarchy in which people can move up or down based on their power.

The power is based on which spirit root one has, going from Red to Violet (colors of the rainbow). All seven colors from lowest to highest -Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet- are the main colors and most dominant ones in the universe.

All other colors were rare, like the brown, so no one would find use in the Brown Spirit Seeds.

Like the Brown Spirit Seeds, there were other seeds for the other colors.

Many people preferred to buy seeds of their own spirit root.

Because, why not?

But, no one knew that the seeds gave same attributes, it's just that the brown one gives much less if one isn't a Brown Spirit Root like Han Qin Xi.

According to the novel, Han Qin Xi was a Blue Spirit Root, but the novel didnt really talked about her much and she only appeared to enrage the readers. She was the foil for the female lead.

Since now that Chu Feng had bought so much seeds at only the cost of one piece of red crystal, she was ready to break off the engagement.

Hold on, what's the use of the Brown Spirit Seeds? Well, it's not really good...

Chu Feng immediately took the seeds and cooked a bag of them in her small cauldron with water.

Soon, steam was coming out from it.

She opened the cauldron and the smell filled the room as soon as it escaped from the cauldron.

It made the room smell like decaying flesh yet Chu Feng didn't care. Before, she experienced working at the morgue for sometime and had gotten used to the smell.

But if course, Han Qin Xi's body was still not use to the smell so she had to open the window for fresh air.

As soon as the windows were open, the smell filled the entire courtyard and was spreading throughout the house of the Hans.

Yang came running into the courtyard with her mouth covered.

"Third Miss!" Yang cried.

Then, she saw a pitch black figure opening the door of Han Qin Xi's room.

"Shhh!" Chu Feng hushed her while coming out of her room.

"Ah, Third Miss, I was so worried!" Yang was unable to control herself. She had thought: what if that happened again?

Chu Feng could do nothing but sigh at Yang, though she was glad. It had been a while since she had someone to worry about her.

"I was just cooking something, but it got out of hand." Chu Feng laughed and patted the dark dust that covered every inch of her clothes and skin.

Suddenly, many people came to Han Qin Xi's courtyard. This was the first time that Chu Feng saw every side characters and minor characters in the novel from the Han Family.

First wife, Madam An and the other concubines came to her courtyard but was not able to go inside--no, it was not that they aren't able to go inside, it was that they did not want to for the stench got stronger every time they walked closer to it.

The headmaster, Grandfather Han, was the last to show up.

It was nearly night so many of them were preparing their baths or may be taking their baths.

Grandfather Han was wearing his inner clothes only as he had rushed out of his bedroom.

"Goodness, what happened here?"
Grandfather Han questioned the dark figure looking girl, Chu Feng.

"I was trying to cook." Chu Feng said so guiltily.

Chu Feng didn't think that it was going to be so hard. The female lead, second female lead, third female lead, fourth female lead, fifth female lead, and sixth female lead was able to make it. They all had made it seem so easy in the novel, even the minor characters were able to do it.

So where did she go wrong?

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