Found It!

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At the Han household, Han Qin Xi rushed to her room.

Along the way there, she remembered that she had left the hairpin and told Yang to go back and get it for it.

Chu Feng sighed.

Within a week, she had bumped into the two male leads (2nd and 3rd). First, it was Xiao Yan, the third Male lead and now was Lan Jing, the second male lead.

She had seriously told herself to avoid them at all cost. Luckily, she have not yet got to know them or talk to them.

But every time, she seems to be close to escaping only. If not, she may had lost her poor little life.

Chu Feng decided to calm herself down first and then planned out her next plan.

First, Chu Feng thought of ways to escape her wedding and the contents of the novels. Nothing came out of it.

Although the novel had many things, it was mostly about the romance between each couple.

Chu Feng bit her lips unconsciously until she started to feel the pain. It was a habit of hers when she couldn't think of something up. She didn't think she would still do it when being as Han Qin Xi.

No matter what, she decided to do at least one thing before succumbing to her fate.

Chu feng knew herself that she wasnt sly nor smart. She was just an average salary person with multiple jobs.

In the end, if she could not change Han Qin Xi's fate then, she would just run until she escapes the claws of the book.

Thinking that, Chu Feng started packing her bags.

But as soon as she was halfway done, memories of Han Qin Xi started playing.

"Agh. Why. Why. Why." Chu Feng was a very empathetic person.

Those memories had made her guilty even if it wasn't hers before. The memories of the Han family accepting her, giving her a home, taking care of her.

They all made her feel her heart strings being tugged now.

If only she wouldn't feel for Han Qin Xi then she would have left.

She sat back down on her seat and threw her half packed bag on the ground.

"So what if I have replaced her? I don't want to die so fast. I did not choose to be this woman!"

Chu Feng was frustrated.

She was forcefully forced into the book. She didn't have any hatred to it. In fact, she loved the book so much that she reread it over and over again.

Did the book hate her so much that they gave her the worst character in the book just to kill her?

"Ugh. Han Qin Xi, why did you have to be so love stricken by Zhou Weiyang. He's not for you."

Chu Feng told herself.

Then, an "ahem" was heard at the door. It was a man's voice.

Chu Feng turned immediately back to the door.

It was Lan Jing.

Why was he here? Did he hear everything she said?

She gave a face of being caught red handed without knowing. Lan Jing couldn't help but laugh.

This woman couldn't hide her facial expressions at all.

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