Handling Feelings

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"Ming Shu, what took you so long?" Chu Feng could not think of anything else but the line from a movie she watched. Her hands gently grabbed onto Ming Shu's and wrapped around Ming Shu's hand. "The food is going to get cold."

Li Yu Yan's eyes were twitching so much that her tears disappeared. The male lead was walking up to her side too. Seeing that, she managed to squeeze out a few tears which slid down her small jewel face.

The outsiders were more drawn into the scene now.

"Didn't she just help that renown person out by picking up her towel?"

"Wow, such a bully. This is what that girl get in return?"

The people there continued whispering loudly.

"Hey, just because the renown person had more status, she dares to bully a person who helped her out."

"Those types of people always held their head up high."

Then what makes you all? The type to gossip the moment you see something only? You can't just conclude that, that was what happened without hearing the conversation too. Words counted too, did they not?

Chu Feng thought to herself. They won't listen even if she told them. It may even put them in the worse situation.

Ming Shu's hand became a fist. She was ready to explode any moment now. Li Yu Yan's attitude always makes people think the opposite just like her brother's wife. She hated them to the core. Those people were just too twisted. Was it too late to regret her actions and decisions?

Chu Feng held onto Ming Shu's hand and crossed with it, turning Ming Shu's fist into what looked like they were holding hands.

"Shu'er," Chu Feng said intimately, her head on Ming Shu's shoulders. This was fine right? They can just show off their friendship here. "Let's go. This person must have a horrible eye condition for her to tear up like this. We don't want anyone to think that we are bullying anyone." Chu Feng made sure to say it aloud and clear so that everyone in the room could hear. Her voice was cold and warned the people there.

Just as they turned to leave, Li Yu Yan dropped down to the floor. 

Was Li Yu Yan really going that far? They didn't even touch her enough to harm her nor was close to her. The distance was pretty far.

The male lead appeared right behind Li Yu Yan and helped her from hitting the floor. He looked straight at the two figures who were walking away.

"Stop!" The Young Prime Minister Zhou said commandingly. "Where's the antidote?"

Chu Feng looked back, her eyes cold. She was already risking herself in front of the female lead and now the male lead wants to make her knock on death's door? Did he want to personally open it for her?

Ming Shu looked away. She knew something of what the male lead was saying. While training, Ming Shu learned a type of skill but in exchange, anyone who touch her would become be poisoned with something even she did not know of. It was one of the reasons why she was so conservative, not daring to show off her skin. Chu Feng knew too but felt reluctant to save the female lead. She thought 'Couldn't the female lead suffer for a bit? It was due to her own actions'.

"Hmm? Are you accusing us?" Chu Feng questioned. She'll just let the female lead suffer. She felt the need to make the female lead suffer. Maybe since it was Han Qin Xi's character to hate Li Yu Yan but now, Chu Feng finds it pretty annoying when Li Yu Yan wanted attention.

Li Yu Yan was a Flower Maiden and if Chu Feng's memory serves her right, in the novel, Li Yu Yan was immune to poison because of her blood. Chu Feng concluded: So right now, Li Yu Yan is faking it.

"The antidote. She's been poisoned." The male lead did not want to spare saying anything to them. He knew about Ming Shu's attitude for in the past, Ming Shu has always been hot headed. She wasn't someone who anyone could talk with easily.

"Then its best to take her to a physician," Chu Feng cooly replied. Her head echoed, 'please don't recognize me, please don't recognize me'. She was really holding onto her life dearly. The male lead wouldn't recognize her right? Han Qin Xi never showed her face without makeup before in the novel. She always powdered her face though the difference wasn't that big. Chu Feng was holding onto that thought while confronting the male lead.

The Young Prime Minister Zhou eyed Chu Feng. Why was this person so familiar? He went through his memories of the past to find this so familiar person yet not so familiar person.

"Shu'er, look. Isn't he the Young Prime Minister Zhou?" Chu Feng changed the topic. Her mouth then moved on it's own. "Why would a man of high standing be here and with a young woman too? Let's just go. We don't want to get caught up in this. Others might think wrongly."

Li Yu Yan wasn't the only one who could make others think the opposite. Chu Feng would say it out loud and clear for anyone to hear just to make sure they understand what was going on and twist it a little.

The way that Chu Feng talked made people think that their Young Prime Minister Zhou was out on a date with a woman who's yet to be married. Though none of them would say it in front of his face as he was their Prime Minister and could immediately harm their family if they said something. Whoever didn't want to live anymore can say it.

Chu Feng finally took the silent Ming Shu away or else she would have exploded if they stayed there any longer.

The people stared at their Young Prime Minister Zhou and wondered what he was going to do.

The male lead only felt Li Yu Yan's pulse and took her out the window. He carried her like a princess and flew down on his flying sword to find a physician. Surprisingly, he did what Chu Feng said earlier.

Chu Feng, who witnessed the the male lead carry Li Yu Yan away, had her heart feel like it was being strangled.

Ah. Han Qin Xi, are you watching? Your heart is reacting to that man.

The three continued to eat silently and decided to go down the pagoda. Their day was over together.

"Shu'er, are you okay?" Chu Feng was really going to keep addressing Ming Shu that way. It had a better ring to the ears. "Don't think much about what just happened. There are many other men in this world and better quality too." 

Chu Feng still believe that Ming Shu was attracted to the male lead. Her character was set to fall for the male lead and in the novel, Ming Shu did whatever she could to get the male lead, even worse than Han Qin Xi.

Ming Shu replied with a nod and said her goodbyes. Chu Feng gave her a big warm hug before they departed.

"Chu Feng, I think I wouldn't mind it even if you are a woman," Ming Shu said as her final words before she dashed home, disappearing from Chu Feng and Mei Lien's sight.

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