The Villain

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"How did you get there?" Chu Feng questioned and at the same time, she quickly but gently picked up the little black fur ball. She patted the snow off of its black fur and fluffed it's fur. By now, she thought that the little black fur ball would have died already because it wasn't even part of the main story at all. It was supposed to die. Well, if it hasn't die yet then that means she didn't have to die too?

"Hey you!" A woman called out with a high pitched voice.

The servants and viewers along with Chu Feng, turned to see a woman in a white mourning dress with her hair braided into two in the front and the rest let down. The female lead was really appealing and bright, so bright that she could blind everyone there. Even if Li Yu Yan had no physical halo, it looked like she had one. She looked like an angel who just set foot on mortal land.

But why was the female lead in a mourning dress? Who else died?

Li Yu Yan walked over to Chu Feng and the little black fur ball jumped back to its owner. The female lead must have thrown the little black fur ball at her (CF). What luck it has to be thrown around.

"Keep you hands away from my stuff!" Li Yu Yan proudly yelled. Her hands were on her waist and her chest was high.

Li Yu Yan looked down upon Chu Feng. She (LYY) didn't like the woman in front of her from the start. Han Qin Xi was an overbearing retard who takes everything that she (LYY) was suppose to be given just because her family was more prestigious than the Li clan although it was declining. Her mother, Madam Li, told her that she (LYY) was supposed to marry the Young Prime Minister Zhou as his first wife instead but because she was raised as a man, the marriage couldn't go through. Han Qin Xi took everything that was supposed to be her's!

Li Yu Yan gave a gentle and sweet smile which warmed many hearts -though not Chu Feng's. She then walked slowly in front of the Chu Feng and readily prepared her words in her mind.

Chu Feng didn't spare a glance at the female lead who was coming to her and was going continue her interrogation but the female lead did not let her (CF) go. Chu Feng didn't have time for the female lead. She was a really busy person.

Instantly, people were now everywhere watching and whispering about what was going on. The power of the female lead was surely strong. She immediately attracted attention from everyone. The cloudy sky even cleared up for her and the sun even shine brighter on her (LYY).

Li Yu Yan moved swiftly and blocked Chu Feng's way. She (LYY) tugged her lips upward for a second and then it disappeared as if it was never there. She emotionally yelled, "How could you be so inhumane to these poor lives? Even if they are servants only, they are also human lives! Why the need to torture them?"

In her (LYY) heart, she was smiling. Don't blame me for this. You brought it upon yourself.

Chu Feng knitted her brow. What was the female lead trying to do?

"This is human torture! How could you treat your servants like this? A life is still a life. So many lives are gone because of people like you who treats others' lives as trash!" Li Yu Yan angrily shouted and expressed her sadness in front of everyone. She truly pitied those servants from the bottom of her heart for being treated this way by Han Qin Xi.

Oh, so she's come here to save the day?

Hearing no reply, Li Yu Yan continued with her one man show: "Han Qin Xi, I heard that you were clumsy, crazy and bad tempered. I didn't believe it first but now I know that it's true!"

Whispers followed after Li Yu Yan stopped talking.

Earlier, she (LYY) had just came by for an errand and happened to see the Third Miss of the Han Clan abusing the servants who could do nothing against their Third Miss. She saw the moving vines that came out from the ground and saw those vines kill the servants. It was unacceptable. If the Third Miss wanted answers, there were other ways to deal with the servants. She (CF) didn't have to take their lives away.

Suddenly, Li Yu Yan felt a cold wind brush pass her. Something felt off but she didn't know what. She only came to stop the violence of the woman (CF) in front of her since she didn't want to see anyone shed blood or get torture.

Her intentions for the servants were pure but her intentions for Chu Feng was not.

"Ahahahahaha," Chu Feng could no longer hold in her laughter.

Was Li Yu Yan so righteous? This female lead was truly laughable. She doesn't even know anything AT ALL.

Li Yu Yan looked at Chu Feng with a confused face. She didn't know why that woman would laugh right now. She must be crazy!

Chu Feng continued to laugh until her stomach started to hurt. Maybe it was because Han Qin Xi was made to hate Li Yu Yan or maybe it's just that she herself hates Li Yu Yan, but right now, she (CF) wanted to beat the female lead till the female lead was wiped off the face of earth. 

Her blood boiled the moment her eyes set on Li Yu Yan. Li Yu Yan's words made everything worse. It felt as if Li Yu Yan was just provoking her on purpose. No, maybe she (LYY) was. Li Yu Yan's character was always like a white lotus. Inside her (LYY) mind, she (LYY) must be thinking of ways to bring her (CF) down right now.

Chu Feng tightened her fist, ready to give a warm punch to the female lead. The female lead's "righteousness" really pissed her (CF) off. Why did the female lead have to interfere when she was not part of it? She (LYY) had no clue what was going on!

Within not even a second, the female lead was blown away with a kick to the stomach. Li Yu Yan was stopped by a large rock that appeared out of nowhere. They were now ten feet apart. 

"Ah! The Third Miss has really gone crazy!" 

"Han clan's Third Miss has really gone crazy after coming back!"

"She's even more crazy after her divorce!"

"She's crazy to the point of no return!"

People yelled with similar sayings. 

Chu Feng scoffed at them. These people were really bad at explaining things. They watched the entire show and even heard what happened. They still side with the female lead? Truly laughable. Everyone here deserved to be punished.

"Villain!" Li Yu Yan had to courage to yell as she got back up to her own two feet. She rushed to Chu Feng with her enchanted sword. 

"Wait! Wait a minute!" Chu Feng was confused as to why Li Yu Yan was coming at her. She wasn't the one who power kick Li Yu Yan. It was someone else! 

A man's hands was hugging her from the back. His head rested on her shoulders and his hands tightened around her waist. He really missed her so much since they parted ways. He had really repented and will now fully devote himself to her only.

Chu Feng didn't have to look back to figure out who it was. 

Ah, so it's him. Of course, it's him. Wait, why is it him?

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