So You've Heard (5)

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Not caring of what people thought as they saw her down the streets, Chu Feng went and bought many more things to help her cultivate. Madam Zhuo was kind enough to give her more crystals as consolement before she left the Zhou residence. 

Chu Feng walked into a clothing store, changed into a pure white outlined with blue robes. She tied her hair up and asked for water to wash off her face. The lady in charge was stunned by the end of Chu Feng's transformation. If the lady in charge did not see Chu Feng walk in female clothes then she would have thought she met the man of her life. 

Although the lady in charge did bring some female clothes for Chu Feng, they turned out looking so different. Chu Feng looked like a beautiful and flawless man. Yet, she could also be a beautiful woman. 

"May I ask for this Young Miss's name?" The lady in charge asked. She had a few sons left and seems to be about the same age as Chu Feng.

Chu Feng could see the lady in charge's eyes sparkle. She couldn't help but smile at the lady in charge, put the money on the table and left without responding. The lady in charge was too captivated and didn't really care if Chu Feng wanted to tell her the name.

Why did the lady in charge care for her name? 

Chu Feng thought it was funny. 

Did changing into clothes and washing off the makeup make her a new person?

It sounded ridiculous. 

Until now...

In the Grand Fragrance Tea House, all eyes were on her. No matter men or women. Chu Feng felt really uncomfortable with so many eyes on her. So, she chose for a distant room away from the onlookers.

Looks can't change so much can it? She questioned herself. Or was this just the setting of the characters in this novel?

Only she could say this because she hasn't seen herself yet. She had left too fast from the clothing store and forgot to look at how she looked.

The waiter took her to the second floor which had less people and went to get Chu Feng's orders. 

Even with less people, she could still hear loud and clear what the people were talking about.

"Apparently, our Young Prime Minister Zhou brought two women with him to the Zhou residence."

"I heard the two women were powerful and saved our Young Prime Minister."

"Our Young Prime Minister doesn't need saving. He's strong enough to protect himself."

Chu Feng couldn't help but agree. Though she did know that the male lead has an unknown incurable disease so he couldn't use his full potential. But he would later on be saved by the female lead  so she needn't interfere. All she needed to do right now was plan a runaway. 

Thinking now, she hasn't seen her maid at all. Where did her maid go?

As she was leisurely looking around in her surroundings, she heard more of what the people said.

"Havoc occurred in the Prime Minister's house after our Young Prime Minister Zhou brought in the two women."

"Women these days are too crazy. just because they are powerful, they expect to be treated different." 

Of course, these people did not know who the two women was. If they did, they wouldn't have the guts to say anything. 

Someone banged on the table which stopped the people's conversation. It was Zheng Mingran. Chu Feng could still recognize her even though she was wearing a veil. The only character with a purple lotus symbol under her eyes was Zheng Mingran. She carried the symbol of Lake Valley's master, though many people don't know about it. 

They just know that she was a person from Lake Valley by seeing the purple lotus. The people from lake Valley are not to be dealt with. They have overwhelming powers.

Everyone changed their topic and spoke with a quieter voice. The waiter brought hero orders over to her. 

"Waiter. Wrong dish." Chu Feng called the waiter back, but the waiter only replied back with, "The woman across from you bought it for you."

Chu Feng looked across from her. There was a woman, but she couldn't identify who that woman was. She could only raise a cup of tea to show gratitude. Free food should not be wasted.

After finishing the food, a woman appeared in front of Chu Feng. It was the woman who bought the dish for Chu Feng.

"I am Ming Shu, first daughter of the Southern General, General Ming. I am single and looking for a partner," Ming Shu smiled gently at Chu Feng.

Very upfront was the first impression Chu Feng had of Ming Shu.

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