Three Moons Festival (2)

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Some readers argued that it was the Great Deity Xia and some suggested that it was Li Yu Yan in female clothes. 

After all, Li Yu Yan was raised as the male heir of the Li household but was kidnapped so the male lead had to go save her on the day of his wedding. The only reason why Madam Zhou agreed for her son to save Li Yu Yan was because she was best friends with Madam Li. Madam Li had explained everything to Madam Zhou and why Li Yu Yan turned out to be a woman instead of a man. Madam Zhou was angry for that their children could have married earlier but still told the young Prime Minister Zhou to go save Li Yu Yan.

Of course, Madam Li was smart enough to not tell Madam Zhou that her daughter was a Flower Maiden else trouble would befall on her for hiding Li Yu Yan's identity away. Flower Maidens were very precious to this universe.

Chu Feng stared at the three bright moons whose reflections were on the small man-made pond full of koi fishes and small water beasts. At this time, demons and beasts would come out to play too. But their goal was to find human brides on this day.

It was hard to breathe in the masks so she took it off. She held onto her silver tiger mask and took out two buns. She gave one to Mingyu while she ate the other one.

Suddenly, she thought: She wouldn't meet anyone from the main casts tonight right?

A cold wind went past her. She shivered.

Just as Chu Feng held onto Mingyu and brought him over to the Lake of Lanterns, from far away, a figure of a man came running towards her. The man stopped as soon as he reached Chu Feng.

The man had a mask on so Chu Feng did not recognize him. His stature seemed familiar though.

"I've been away from you for a month as promised to Grabdfather Han." The man stood in front if Chu Feng.

"Lan Jing?" Chu Feng stared in bewilderment. What was this man doing here?

"Correct! Did you miss me?" He went over to Chu Feng and whispered. Then, he blew into her ears.

Her face flushed and her heart beat began to beat fast.

"So, this is your most sensitive spot" Lan Jing mumbled to himself. He was smiling wider and wider, so handsomely that anyone would be captivated by his smile.

Chu Feng backed up and found herself tripping on a child. Just as she was falling, Lan Jing caught her.

"Ah. We have to watch out for the children here." Lan Jing pulled her in closer to him to the point where there was no space left between the two.

He held her tightly for an embrace, his hands going in between her hands and surrounding her waist. He leaned down to rest his head of Chu Feng's shoulders, rubbing and trying to get the Chu Feng's smell. He really missed her dearly.

Fulfilling the request of Grandfather Han was like he was being ripped apart. Though, he was sent to go on a mission with his older brothers by his father, the head of the Lan clan after hearing about Lan Jing's behavior. When he finished his mission, she was already a married women.

The heavens really don't want them to be together.

His embrace became tighter thinking of another man other than him touching her.

Chu Feng, on the other hand, was struggling to breathe. This man is making her suffer. She needed air.

Lan Jing finally noticed the near fainted woman.

"Ah, sorry, my dear. I just couldn't help it." He gave her some space but did not let go.

Just then, someone's hands grabbed Chu Feng's waist from behind and pulled her over.

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