So You've Heard (3)

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From opening a small crack on her room's door, she saw them. Looking at the pile of people at the courtyard door made Chu Feng laugh in her heart. There was finally some thing that made her happy. But she couldn't show it or else she may be caught.

She slowly opened her room's door and peeked out with a scared face.

"Ah, dear sisters!" Chu Feng exclaimed. Then, she opened her doors widely though she did not run out to help.

Lou Nan made an ugly face while staring at Chu Feng's powdered face. She had thought that her husband's first wife was dimwitted and easy to beat. Who would have thought that they were tricked?

Chu Feng started to panic. "Ah, I t-t-thought t-t-there were robbers." She rubbed her forehead and walked around in her room. Of course, this was only an act. The pile of humans were still struggling to get up.

Lou Nan made an even angrier face. So it was like that? Her husband's first wife was really just a dumb idiot. She couldn't have known that they were coming for her.

Zheng Mingran was quiet. Her thoughts unknown and so was her face which was too dark to see.

Lou Nan quickly got up. She was quick to her wits. Just no matter how the situation was Lou Nan was the one who would get back on her feet the quickest out of the female leads. Yet, the male lead turned to the the female lead and chose only her.

The fates of the women who loved the male lead fell out of favor whenever compared to the female lead. Han Qin Xi was one of the unluckiest women who chased after the male lead.

Chu Feng continued to play the panic role while the people still had troubled getting up. She only stopped when a servant rambled and blamed that her courtyard was horrible and haunted.

"Really? This place is haunted? You mean. to say that the Prime Minister, my husband gave me a haunted place to live in?" Chu Feng quickly replied as if scared out of her life.

The servant quickly shut his mouth, not wanting to make enemy of the Prime Minister.

"This courtyard is for the first wife, but the woman who lives here do not belong to the courtyard," the demon exterminator said loudly to bring attention to what he's saying. "The woman will befall countless misfortunes to whoever she meets. Keeping her close to our great Prime Minister will cause his health to become weak."

When did this demon exterminator become a prophet? When did this demon exterminator become a fortune teller? Was he not a demon exterminator? Or did he forget his role?

"My husband is great and strong! He is the best of the best! How dare this measly person with no status come talk about my husband, the Prime Minister in MY COURTYARD? The Prime Minister is in fine health! Thank you for your care! Please leave!" Chu Feng yelled loudly. She saw the silhouette of the male lead outside the courtyard door.

Everything that the demon exterminator said was twisted into harming the male lead. Lou Nan and Zheng Mingran were speechless. When did this woman become so defensive? Wasn't she suppose to be a crazy wife?

Zheng Mingran no longer could hold in her angriness. She had already lost face for slipping on some beans and lost some of her energy to helping the servants open the door. Why was the door so hard to open anyways? Some normal logs just can't stop her because of strong level of cultivation.

She ran towards the defenseless woman in the room, Chu Feng. Zheng  Mingran raised her hands and reached to grab Chu Feng's hand but missed. Chu Feng had luckily fell on her behind.

"Sister! What were you trying to do?" Chu Feng exclaimed innocently at the woman who fell on her face. She had already known what Zheng Mingran wanted to do. If she had not 'accidentally' tripped, then she would have become a cripple and may have lost her life. She wanted to die but who would want to die in the hands of someone that will benefit from it?

Zheng Mingran couldnt get back up. Something sticky was made her unable to move. She tried getting back up but couldn't by using her pure strength. At last, she used her inner strength.

Then, she looked at Chu Feng and gritted her teeth. She held onto her iron like sword and crazily ran forward.

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