Three Moons Festival (4)

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"Chu Feng! Chu Feng! Chu! Feng!"

Someone was yelling Chu Feng's name. Other than Mingyu and the administrator lady, the only other person that she told her name to was Ming Shu.  

Ming Shu was flying towards Chu Feng on a fiery phoenix. She was just flying around Nian City, sightseeing until she saw Chu Feng. Ming Shu's eyesight was very good. They could see farther than the average mortal. It was in her veins. The Ming clan is family full of generals and have strong breeds of children. Each child had their own specialty.

Ming Shu commanded for her phoenix to fly down to Chu Feng. Right when she got close to Chu Feng, she pulled her bird up. Chu Feng had to duck down while carrying Mingyu. She almost broke her back. Ming Shu was really purposely flying low. After having her fun at teasing Chu Feng, Mingyu got down and her phoenix turned into a small bird. 

"How was it? Majestic?" Ming Shu smiled at Chu Feng. Her eyes landed on the little person that Chu Feng was holding. Then, her eyes flashed with curiosity as she walked towards Chu Feng. 

"Your son?" Ming Shu questioned. "Weren't you only married for about a month? How did you get a kid already? Or did you kidnap him?" She walked around to take a good luck at the little boy who still had his golden mask on.

Her face changed as soon as she saw Mingyu's eyes shining yellow for the second she looked at him. 

"A beast!" Ming Shu yelled. 

All bystanders were looking at her now. Beast? Where? Everyone looked around their surroundings. 

Chu Feng immediately got into her protective mode, her hands tightly holding onto the little Mingyu. 

Ming Shu noticed her loud voice and covered her mouth. "Ah, I-I mean a beast mask! Ha-ha." She embarrassingly covered up her mistake. Then she quietly asked, "Chu Feng, he's not human."

"I know, but he is my person," Chu Feng declared so. It was true. The moment she took in Mingyu was the moment she decided that Mingyu was one of her people. She will protect him. 

"Aiya. Don't you know how dangerous it is to have a beast by your side?" Ming Shu shook her head.

"Isn't your phoenix also a beast?" Chu Feng pointed at the bird on Ming Shu's shoulders. Her eyes watching the every movement of the bird as the bird was looking at Mingyu like he was a delicious snack.

"How could you call Ahxi a beast? Ahxi is a divine --"

"Beast," Chu Feng filled in the remaining words before Ming Shu could complete her sentence.

Ming Shu decided to move on to a different topic. "How did you two meet? I didn't see you with the beast before."

"His name is Mingyu, not 'beast'." Chu Feng decided to put mingyu down. Then, she held his hand and took him over to look at the floating lanterns. She let go of his hands and allowed him to go take a closer look at them. 

Mingyu popped out a small smile as he ran around to look at the floating lanterns. 

Ming Shu looked at the little beast boy. "A treasure, you've found."

Chu Feng didn't reply. She didn't see Mingyu as a 'thing' but more like a part of her. Afterall, she already recognized him as one of her people. It goes the same for her maid Mei. 

Ming Shu's phoenix, Ahxi turned into a little girl. It chased after Mingyu around the Lake of Lanterns, throwing fireballs at him. Though, those fireballs were harmless.

Now that it was dark, the lanterns shined bright along with the three moons and the stars. Fireflies came out to play too. Couples were confessing to each other on the Bridge of the Lake of Lanterns. Some already at the point of embracing and kissing each other. Though, no one knows the identities of their lover tonight. They could be spirits, beasts, mortals, immortals, demigod, or demons. 

Both Ming Shu and Chu Feng stood around looking at the two small children. Somehow, Chu Feng's eyes somehow landed on the Bridge of the Lake of Lanterns. Whatever Ming Shu said next was unheard by Chu Feng. 

Shining little blue and red lights started to appear one by one around Chu Feng. Flowers grew from where she was standing. Her hair started to shine as well as her skin. 

"W-what's happening, Chu Feng?" Ming Shu noticed her now shiny friend. 

Like she would know. This never happened in the novel. 

Mingyu, noticing a strong flower scent coming from Chu Feng, immediately turned into his beast form and flew to her. He wrapped around her to protect her as instinct. Something was coming for her.

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