Overflowing Guilt

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Chu Feng could finally breathe a little. She pitied the man who she was taking the air from. She opened her eyes and saw who the man was.

Ah, it's the male lead, but who cares? She needed air. His identity didn't count right now. She'd rather save herself. 

After she finished, she pulled away. The Young Prime Minister Zhou didn't let her go, however. His neck veins were now visible. He grabbed onto the back of her head and held it. His right hand held her waist while his left held the back of her head. Both their lips were stuck on eachother. 

Chu Feng didn't let him pry her lips open for air but he slowly made his way in. Her hand traveled to his waist and pinched it as hard as she could. Then, she kicked him away. 

The Young Prime Minister Zhou was one who did not give up. He grabbed onto on of her leg as she struggled to kick his hands off. 

Hey, you are the male lead. You have the male lead halo. You won't die but I will since I am a mob character and can die anytime so spare me for now!

Chu Feng reasoned with herself and continued to kick the male lead away. She was being dragged further downwards with him. She was losing the air she just got for every second she was underwater. 

Suddenly, she felt the Young Prime Minister's hand releasing her foot. Ah, she was finally freed, but soon a realization hit her: she couldn't swim. The Young Prime Minister Zhou was the one who was holding them up until now. All that struggle was really a waste.

Was it too late to regret her actions now?

The Young Prime Minister Zhou had already lost consciousness and was going in deeper into the bottom of the pond. Why was this pond so deep anyways? It didn't even look deep when she was touching it earlier on land. Places like this must either have some kind of monster or hidden treasure.

Who in their wrong mind made a pond this deep?

Chu Feng closed her eyes. She was losing consciousness but as stubborn as she was, she pinched herself to feel the pain. It didn't really help as what she needed was air and not pain. Alright. She is really dying this time. A pond this deep kills. 

Both Chu Feng and the Young Prime Minister Zhou went deeper and deeper into the pond. Chu Feng was at the verge of losing her last bit of consciousness when she felt something hit her hand.

She took a deep breathe but kept her eyes closed. 'It must be a some type of sea monster,' she thought. Wait, she could breathe?

Chu Feng opened her eyes to see a cave. Luckily, she could see inside the dark cave since she was still glowing though not so much anymore. She sat up and looked around. She was inside a cave currently, but if she was inside a cave, why did it feel soft instead?

She looked down and shock came to her. 

Male lead! Don't kill me!

She panicked.

She was laying on top of the Young Prime Minister Zhou. The position that they were in now was only for married couples. She didn't see the male lead as her husband nor did she think he see her as his wife too. This was inappropriate for both of them. 

Though, in the novel, Han Qin Xi did lay with him once due to the Lou Nan's aphrodisiac drug that she put in the male lead's drink. It was both their first times. The female lead, Li Yu Yan did not have his first, since she wasn't his wife at that time. She was badly penalized for it even if she wasn't the one who gave it to the male lead. Well, Han Qin Xi was at fault for taking advantage of the male lead when she could've avoided it. But then again, it was an opportunity to maybe change their relationship a little. Once, the readers speculated that Han Qin Xi was pregnant but she was already killed off. 

Chu Feng quickly got off of him and laid her left ear down on the Young Prime Minister Zhou's chest to listen if he was still alive. She couldn't hear anything so she put her fingers near the Young Prime Minister Zhou's nose to checked if he was breathing. It was light. Chu Feng sighed of relief. She hadn't kill a lead -yet.

Looking at herself, she was going to stop glowing. If she doesn't find a light source now then she'll lose her sense of sight. 

She stood up and searched around for something that could be a light source other than herself. Just then, she realized that she was currently living in a world of cultivation. Did staying the water for so long kill off some of her brain cells? How could she not remember such a critical fact?

Chu Feng took out a seed and tapped it. In her mind, she concentrated on saying something along the lines 'please give me a plant that will light up my way'. The seed grew into a Night Bell flower which lit up like a lantern. It wasn't what she wanted but at least it worked and now they had a light source. The Night Bell was something common and found in caves along with mushrooms that lit up the darkness.

On the walls of the cave, there were piles and piles of rocks on top of eachother. Chu Feng enchanted a barrier around the plant so it wouldn't die off easily. It was the biggest barrier that Chu Feng could do, after all she was only on stage six even after the six months of seclusion. The barrier was only as big as the plant, luckily.

How did they even get in here? In this cave. They went down the pond and actually reached a cave. Was the Li clan planning something? A rebellion? 

Chu Feng racked her head but couldn't remember much of the story's plot revolving around a pond. The only time the novel talked about a pond was when Li Yu Yan was pushed into it by Han Qin Xi during some kind of event at the Li Clan but Li Yu Yan was easily saved by the male lead. 

She thought: If I hadn't struggled much maybe we wouldn't have been in this situation.

Guilt was overflowing her. Her actions were really too rash this time.

Chu Feng sat next to the Young Prime Minister Zhou holding onto the Night Bell. Any bad situation could turn good if you are with the male lead. Well, that only applies to if you are his ally, however. If he wakes up, she'll apologize and ask him to take her out. She will be betting her safety on this man who she struggle to get away from.

She sighed. This was not the time to feel guilt. She needed to find a way out.

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