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His Flower Princess by storyy_writerr
His Flower Princessby Amanda
Jada Madison is a young werewolf that lives for the simple things. She loves her friends and family, nature, and more than anything Jada loves beautiful flowers. Gideon...
  • fate
  • battle
  • enemies
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Yandere Prince X Magical Reader  by AyaElizeHitorin
Yandere Prince X Magical Reader by Aya(ndere)
Your village is gifted with the natural ability to use magic. Due to this, your village seems to have caught the attention of a nearby Royal family. How do you cope wit...
  • flowers
  • maleyandere
  • prince
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His Wildflower by frankiemarie770
His Wildflowerby Frankie
The last thing that Ryan thought would happen to her on her dream honeymoon trip was to return from an afternoon at the resort's spa to find her new husband, and all of...
  • flowers
  • secondchance
  • pregnancy
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Loveless Flowers [TomTord] by BlueCipher0
Loveless Flowers [TomTord]by Blue Leader
Love is a dangerous emotion. Well, in Tom's opinion at least. Years after college and living with his friends for a few years, things were alright until he started lovin...
  • ewtom
  • ewmatt
  • flowers
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Wedding Flowers [Completed] by brookeallyson254
Wedding Flowers [Completed]by Brooke Allyson
Highest Rank: #1 in ChickLit Addison Thomas has been fascinated with flowers since she was little. Her and her mom would plant flower after flower making their home loo...
  • fun
  • fakeboyfriend
  • drama
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The Art Of Sending Flowers  by catalysed
The Art Of Sending Flowers by eurydice
"Orange lillies are said to represent passion. I just want you to know that I hate you with a burning passion." - In which a sarcastic, sassy and undeniably h...
  • love
  • flowers
  • messages
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The Flower Shop  by brightlights101
The Flower Shop by Rochelle
She saw him in a rehab facility. He saw her in a flower shop. ... Her name was Daisy Levingston, twenty two years old and lives on her own with a feline named Seb. Dai...
  • rehabilitation
  • humorous
  • adventure
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My Husband's A Wife by OurInnocentSin
My Husband's A Wifeby ⋆our innocent sin⋆
About the arranged marriage to a billionaire's "son".
  • flowers
  • dark
  • rich
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The Florist | ✓ (#Wattys2016) by arcticstars
The Florist | ✓ (#Wattys2016)by arcticstars
What do you do when your best friend could be the love of your life? Two alarmingly awkward, clumsy, sarcastic individuals bump into one another in a flower shop, a...
  • lgbt
  • roses
  • school
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flowers.// norenmin by fatanti
flowers.// norenminby joven soft bot
in which renjun coughs up flowers and doesn't know why. - lowercase intended
  • hanahakidisease
  • najaemin
  • jaemin
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flower [c. besson] by conorschaos
flower [c. besson]by ( avery )
"i know i'll never be the apple of your eye but i'll pick a flower if you'd like i know i'll never be the stars up in your sky but i'll pick a flower if you'd like...
  • flowers
  • jackavery
  • jonahmarais
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his plucked flower by DuskCity
his plucked flowerby DuskCity
• completed • She was just the silent girl, the girl with a broken past, the girl who was too naive and too innocent, but to him she was his world. #227 in Romance. 30/1...
  • runaway
  • badboy
  • fluff
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The Flowers On Your Skin  by multi_fandom4life
The Flowers On Your Skin by Yanina cambero
Katsuki is seven when he learns about soulmates; he is also seven when he decides that he'll never have one. He soon realizes that he doesn't get to choose.
  • boyxboy
  • bakugou
  • bnha
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Flowers by scriptura-delirus
It's Jin's turn yehet I feel like this wasn't that great but whatever, I enjoyed writing it. Soulmate!au ~~~ Ink flowers were what brought them together.
  • soulmates
  • bts
  • jin
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The One Without Words by destacia
The One Without Wordsby destacia
For seventeen-year-old Romy Mae, selling flowers to strangers off the streets is the perfect job, or at least it is until Jack Michaels begins to work alongside her. He...
  • humor
  • highschool
  • freethelgbt
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little flower ~ styles triplets x louis by flcker
little flower ~ styles triplets sharknado
louis loves flowers and the triplets love him. completed ; 9-25-18 / sequel- bloom ! not a larry story all the way through !
  • stylestriplets
  • littleflower
  • 5sos
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The Rose Theory by CailinSpraoi
The Rose Theoryby Cailín™
❝Roses are red, They can also be yellow. This theory should teach you, How to be the best fellow.❞ » A theory in which a famously known player is taught how to understa...
  • heartbreak
  • celebrity
  • fakedating
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The Eden by literal_white_trash
The Edenby actual trash
Eden Jones was a normal, innocent, carefree girl who enchanted anyone she met. Guys would fall head over heels, girls would envy her so much they hated her. She didn't h...
  • goodread
  • badass
  • gangs
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Mismatched Souls [✓] by captainthorne
Mismatched Souls [✓]by Queen Bumblebee
© Mia TM | 2016 A hurricane with a gentle touch and the flower he wished to protect. Love begins when it ends. [Synopsis Inside]
  • kiss
  • billionaire
  • love
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From me to you♡ by writergirl1255
From me to you♡by writergirl1255
A book of short stories and poetry From me to you♥️
  • lovestory
  • loveletters
  • poembook
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