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The people who knew of the stance quickly ran away. It was a practice that was passed down from generations in the Ming household that could eliminate an entire city.

Ming Shu was one that could summon without chanting. The sky got brighter and brighter.

Those who didn't know of it stayed to see the light.

Mingyu stayed in his form to protect Chu Feng. His instincts told him that the most dangerous thing did not leave yet.

Chu Feng was really lightheaded. She was losing consciousness. Her body was failing her.

Just then, a man in red appeared to catch her as she fell. He pulled her in for a deep kiss but Chu Feng's head fell the other way. His only purpose here today, was to suck her powers away. It has been a long time since he ever ate such unresistable powers.

Mingyu was alarmed. He immediately spread out and tried to pull Chu Feng away with his tail but the man let out his dark aura. Mingyu's body immediately bowed down to him along with every other beast there. Ahxi's body flew down, interrupting Ming Shu.

What was the identity of this man? All the beasts had to lower their heads even if they did not want to.

"Lord!" Someone in eunuch clothes came running towards the man in red. "His majesty will be angry with me if you don't return to the palace!"

The man in red did not care. He was only interested in eating the woman he was holding. Though, his eyebrows became knitted after looking at her blue core. It seemed that the woman's powers only started to grow today.

He let go of Chu Feng, who's eyes were opening a little, and threw her onto the ground. He was not so interested in a beginner's power. He'll wait until her powers grow more. He'll just watch her for now.

Then, both him and the eunuch disappeared.

Ming Shu and everyone there was amazed. They stopped everything and thought: Whose presence could make their beasts kneel down?

The woman -whose lover died by the hands of Ming Shu- stealthily appeared behind Ming Shu to stab her. Just in time, Mingyu whipped the woman away. She was not unscathed from that hit.

Ming Shu said her thanks and went to pick Chu Feng up. Both Mingyu and Ahxi stayed in a defensive mode. 

"Oh dear. You are still alive right?" Ming Shu shooked Chu Feng awake. 

No mercy. 

Chu Feng opened her eyes, yet she was still dazed. Has she gone back to her world? 

"Chu Feng!" Ming Shu immediately hugged Chu Feng. "I thought you were really dead for a moment." 

Chu Feng was brought back. She really hasn't gone back to her world. Still inside the book. Her hopes were too high.

She looked around her and saw a lot of masters and disciples with beasts. Two beast stood out the most. Mingyu?

Immediately, she got up but fell down. Her body was shaking. Did someone throw her on the ground hard? 

"If you're going to ask what happened, then I'll just tell you that everyone here is an enemy." Mingyu called for her spear that she thrown around. "Everyone but me, just to be clear. They want your little beast."

So this was the point? The point why so many powerful people are here?

Once again, some cultivators began to attack. 

"Xiao Man!" Xiao Yan pulled her away from a rival sect's disciple. 

"The beasts are ours." A few disciples from Zhilian Sect got together. Fu Chen, the leader, continued to say everything. "Disciples from Xuanyuan Sect dares to steal our prey?"

Zhilian Sect and Xuanyuan Sect were both rivals, though not the best sects. Jiang Sect was the number one sect, following Scarlet Sect as second, and Ren as third. Both Zhilian and Xuanyuan Sect were tied for fourth. Thus, defeating the golden serpent that came out of nowhere would promote their own sects.

"We saw it first!" Xiao Man yelled back, not holding onto her ladylike image. She was furious. How dare students from Zhilian Sect lie?

"Ha! We were here first!" Fu Bao, another student from Zhilian Sect, replied back arrogantly. He waved his hands, releasing some wind attacks towards Xiao Man.  "It's ours!"

Chu Feng watched the situation. Hey! That's the third main guy! He's going to kill you if you get in his way! 

The silent but deadly award goes to: third main guy!

As a reader, the third main guy was called that way by the community of readers. He's the real demon that just looks like a gentleman.


Little shiny blue and red lights gathered around Chu Feng as she walked towards them.

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