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Chu Feng handed the paper back to Mingyu who she put in charge of requests. Then, she waited for Ming Shu to come back to the shop before they set off to go sightseeing. Mingyu was left at the shop to clean up. He somewhat looked reluctant. 

For fun and to disguise themself, Chu Feng and Ming Shu made Mei Lien wear a bamboo hat with a peach-see-through-veil. Chu Feng and Ming Shu would be wearing maid clothes today. Both wore light pink while Mei Lien wore a darker pink. Both's had a let down hairstyle with a hair clip, symbolising that they worked for a lady of a good household. Ming Shu fixed Mei Lien's hair into a bun and clipped it with some of the jewelries that Chu Feng bought a few days back. Then, they set off.

Ming Shu was the most recognizable out of the three though not much people knew who she was as she spent most of her time training at Ren sect. 

They first left to 'Sun-Moon Pagoda'. Ming Shu suggested they go wash away impurities before the new year that was in a month. 

"My great grandfather always bring me here to pray and wash away my impurities and bad luck. He's too busy nowadays that the time available for us to see each other was only an hour a month. Sometimes never." Ming Shu narrated her story with the Sun-Moon Pagoda. 

"Let's go inside," Ming Shu finally ended her story. Both Ming Shu and Chu Feng walked beside Mei Lien, one on the right and one on the left. 

The Sun-Moon Pagoda has history with a lot of righteous sects. It was a place where people go to either train or go sightseeing. The only ones allowed were mostly disciples of sects or those of royalty. Ming Shu, a student of Ren Sect, was able to get all three in. 

It was really a beautiful place filled with a lot of pure spirits. Each level had its own beauty to it. The first floor had a check in table who told them which way to go based on their reasons (cultivate or sightseeing). The second floor had blinding gold walls with statues of the great heroes. 

The three walked to the 30th floor. It was a rest stop where people ate and drink and enjoy the scenery of Nian City. 

Ming Shu noticed someone there. She nudged Chu Feng. Chu Feng followed her directions and saw two people together.

"Why is your husband here?" Ming Shu whispered to Chu Feng. "Isn't that the heir of the Li Clan, Li Yu Yan? Why is he dressed in woman clothes?" 

They looked at the couple who looked at the scenery of Nian City. Mei Lien also looked at her previous master, the Young Prime Minister Zhou. She unconsciously look down as respect but Chu Feng managed to stop her in time. 

Chu Feng pulled Mei Lien and Ming Shu in line to buy snacks.

"Ah, who?" Chu Feng gave a questioning look at Ming Shu. She would never say that she is the wife of the Prime Minister or else everyone's going to stare at her with eyes like daggers. Also, with the female lead here, Chu Feng could lose her head right here and now. The female lead was that powerful and with the support of the male lead, Li Yu Yan will be in the right instead of wrong.

Ming Shu got the message and stopped questioning. They continued to order snacks and went to find a free table.

"Miss, you dropped this," a very familiar voice said. 

"Thank you." 

Ming Shu looked back and saw Li Yu Yan. They both chatted while Chu Feng continued walking towards the table and slowly hide her face behind Mei Lien's hat. Why did she feel like she was caught red handed?

"Oh! Aren't you one of the renown great cultivators of this generation, the first daughter of the Southern General Ming, Ming Shu?" Li Yu Yan exclaimed. Her voice was loud and everyone looked at the. 

Li Yu Yan handed Ming Shu's towel to Ming Shu and continued, "Are you sightseeing today? If so, would you mind if we go with you?" 

Ming Shu thought: Did I just dug my grave?

She had purposely dropped her towel by Li Yu Yan's table to get a better look at Li Yu Yan. For real, who would drop their towel? Only an idiot or a scheming person would drop it. She realized that her curiosity had brought her a burden (Li Yu Yan). By the time she thought that, she noticed Chu feng and Mei Lien was already sitting at a table and eating, not caring the slightest.

"Excuse me, I have to show my friends around today," Ming Shu smiled and left to Chu Feng. She set the boundaries between her and Li Yu Yan with the word "friend". 

Right when Ming Shu turned away, Li Yu Yan grabbed onto Ming Shu's hand. 

"I promise we won't bother you and your friends," Li Yu Yan began to pursue. She was never rejected, always given what she wanted. How could she stand being rejected? Li Yu Yan put on her most innocent and convincing smile on. 

Instead of feeling great seeing Li Yu Yan's -the main protagonist- smile, Ming Shu shuddered. She felt chills go up and down her spine. Maybe it due to the fact that Ming Shu was suppose to be going against Li Yu Yan so she felt that way. 

Ming Shu shook her hands away and said, "No. We can't." She didn't like people touching her randomly, especially when they were trying to hook up with her best friend's husband. That small conversation already gave Ming Shu the impression of Li Yu Yan. She wanted to stay away from this type of person that annoyed her the most. Li Yu Yan reminded her of her brother's wife who she do not acknowledge.

Then, tears started to whelm up in Li Yu Yan's eyes. They were the center of attention so many people saw them, but did not hear whatever they were saying. 

Seeing the male lead get up from the table, Chu Feng walked towards Li Yu Yan and Ming Shu. 

"Ming Shu!" Chu Feng called out. 

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