Catching Up

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Looking to the side, Master Ling's grand restaurant that she, accompanied by Mingyu and Mei Lien, ate at was there. Although, there was no one and the restaurant didn't look like it was opened.

"Look up, Third Miss!"

Seeing the person above her, it was no one but Master Ling. 

Master Ling was waving quite a bit at her with his folded fan and quickly told someone to open the door for Chu Feng.

"Long time no see," Master Ling yelled from above with a brimming smile.


It brought shivers up Chu Feng's spine, and it wasn't because of the coldness. Were they close before? She didn't remember nor was it mentioned in the plot. They should have no relationship.

Master Ling received a blank stare from Chu Feng but continued, "Care to join me for breakfast?"

The door opened and a servant came out, signaling for Chu Feng to go in. This was quite suspicious of an act. 

The scenery was dark and a man she didn't know invited her to eat with him. 

What were Master Ling's intentions?

Was this a scene of a kidnapper [Master Ling] luring in a child [Chu Feng] with candy [food]?

In the end, Chu Feng accepted his invitation. 

There was no need to decline. She tasted the food before and wanted to taste them again. If it was free, why not eat it? The food should be of quality too if Master Ling was eating it for breakfast.

The restaurant looked much more refined and stable. It seems like Master Ling was smart enough to notice the reason why his restaurant was so easily broken into by someone of low cultivation. The people who he bought his supplies from must have either lost their livelihood and faced the consequences for giving him a mixture of fake and raw material to build his restaurant.

"Third Miss Han, how was Death Valley?" The blunt Master Ling asked while patting the seat next to him as if he was telling her to go sit there.

How sparkly his eyes were.

"Master Ling, why don't you go see for yourself?" Chu Feng wasn't afraid of this Master Ling. Instead, she felt comfortable around him. But why? She was sure they've never been close before.

"Ah, no no no! I'm too weak, too fragile! I would break the moment I get there." Master Ling dramatically waved his arms around, one hand on his forehead and one hand on his chest.

"Ahahahaha." Chu Feng laughed while holding her stomach. Master Ling wasn't fainting so why was he acting like that? His acting was so poor. It didn't match one bit. Was he trying to play the female lead's part?

Master Ling laughed along with her. He knew he was found out.

Even so, Chu Feng continued Master Ling's show after trying to stop herself from laughing again, "You have Ou Renshu to accompany you."

"Ou Renshu is working," Master Ling replied immediately.

In this act, who would win and who would lose?

"But if you call, I'm sure he'll come." Chu Feng eyed the few dark red spots around Master Ling's neck and pulled out a mischievous smile.

Following her gaze, Master Ling blushed from head to toe. Last night that damn rascal took advantage of him! It's all because of him!

"Third Miss Han, do you believe in reincarnation?" Master Ling quickly fixed his clothes to hide Ou Renshu's marks and changed the topic. It was his loss but he won't admit to it.

Chu Feng smiled, "Which planet, period, era, world, or universe did you come from? But I assume that since you knew the female lead's lines then we must have come from the same place."

"Not possible. We are not from the same place but I do know that I was reincarnated into this world from a magic-apocalypse world. I was reborn with my memory and this place was a tv show I watched but never completed before the apocalypse happened. Though, the people here do look different from the actors and actresses who played the roles."

Master Ling sipped some tea and continued, "I don't think that our worlds are much different. Maybe a parallel?"

Chu Feng looked into Master Ling's eyes. He wasn't telling a lie.

The servants brought in a feast and left as quickly as they could. They were busy servants who had many responsibilities even if the restaurant was closed.

After the servants left, Chu Feng said, "My previous world was peaceful for some and the opposite for others. Sadly, there was nothing like the apocalypse or any magic. One will have to work as if their life depended on it."

Master Ling's eyes sparkled even more, so much that stars could fall out from there. Was he this interested and curious in that world of hers?

"Tell me more." He was like a puppy begging for food. An imaginary puppy ear and puppy tail appeared on Master Ling. It was cute.

Now she knew why a man like Ou Renshu would turn bent for Master Ling. Anyone would want to kidnap him. If she wasn't sane, maybe she would have. What a dangerous man Master Ling was!

Before Chu Feng could talk more, a woman in a purple laced dress walked into the room. Her smile was as captivating as her appearance. 

Murong Qin'er, the fourth female lead arrived. Her purple dress outlined her curves and every time she walked, her curly auburn hair would bounce along with her chests.

"Mo Mo, I told you she was like us," Murong Qin'er said happily. She rushed towards Chu Feng with a big hug. Because of Murong Qin'er's tallness and well-proportioned body, Chu Feng almost lost her breath in the hug. 

"Mo Mo? Us?" Chu Feng, who hasn't processed everything repeated after Murong Qin'er. By the time she processed everything, Murong Qin'er was already rubbing against her (CF) intimately. 

"Yes!" Murong Qin'er was very excited. Her cheeks turned a little red from the excitement. "I use to be called Emilia Caprice before I came here, an influencer. Dying from a plane crash and appearing here was not a blast or something wanted."

Everything was too much to understand. Just what was happening? 

Murong Qin'er excitedly said, "You know, the people in this world have holes in their brains" while pointing at her head.

"If we weren't reincarnated, how do you think we succeed? Only those who are reincarnated succeed more than the ones who don't. They have an advantage. Hmm... Well, that only applies to if you use what you know wisely." 

She quickly made herself home and started pouring herself a drink. Master Ling didn't seem to mind and instead sat there listening intently.

Murong Qin'er continued as she took bites of the turkey drumstick, "And besides, you took the steps of a reincarnator: changing your future! One, you've tried to break off your wedding. Two, you've tried to run away. Three, you've divorced the Young Prime Minister, the male lead, though the rumors say otherwise. And finally, you've done what all reincarnators did, make a living through knowing the future." 

Chu Feng confusedly looked at the two who claimed to be reincarnators. "Why do you two know so much about me?"

Above all else, the most surprising thing was that they knew about her. Lou Siying did too. Just how many people did a background check on her?

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