Wedding (1)

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Morning of the wedding.

Outside, sounds of fireworks and celebration could be heard. 

Even if Han Qin Xi was the clumsy and the least favored daughter of the Han clan, she was going to marry the man who is loved by all, the Young Prime Minister Zhou. Thus, the wedding was big. 

But the dowery sent by the Prime Minister's household a few days before was a sight to behold. All types of jewelries were sent, along with different colors of robes.

Han Qin Xi saw them but was pretty disappointed. She is worth more than that. Yet, they only gave her enough to make someone in awe but not make someone jealous. The things sent were of low quality but came in huge quantities. She knew that the house of the Prime Minister was filled with money for the older generations worked with the previous Emperors.

Though, she did know that she was only a mob character who didn't need to expect much.

In her courtyard, Han Qin Xi was hurriedly tied up by the servants. Before, she attempted to run away but was caught. Now, she was tied up and being sent to her sedan.

Along the way there, many people whispered about if their Third Young Miss has gone crazy or mad. She was not like this before -no, she was crazy before too, but not to this extent. Maybe the rumors were right. She really fell in love with her lover and tried to elope on her wedding day.

Yang quietly followed her Chu Feng as she was a betrothal gift from the Han family. 

Chu Feng really regretted ever reading the story and getting dragged into it. She was not sure on how she would be like from now on. She knew that she would live a life of luxury for the next few years or so -if she doesn't die before her set death. 

The sedan chair was being raised. 

Chu Feng hadn't forgotten about Concubine Yi, however. Concubine Yi was crying very hard and calling out "Xi'er! Xi' er!"

Although Han Qin Xi was not her blood related daughter, Han Qin Xi was like a daughter to her for she had only one son. They were considered even more intimate than real blood related mothers and daughters. Some maids and servants had to stop Concubine Yi from crying too much. Chu Feng knew she was really fragile and could faint at any moment. 

Even if Chu feng didn't feel sad looking at Concubine Yi, tears came running down her face. The real Han Qin Xi really loved Concubine Yi. Her tears couldn't be stopped and came like a waterfall, but no one would see or hear for she was already in the sedan. Her heart felt like it was being clenched by something as tears kept falling.

Then, she set off to the Zhou residence. It took about an hour and thirty minutes to get to the Zhou residence for Nian City was huge. Chu Feng was very tired although all she did was sit. Her eyes felt puffy and her dry. She did her best to stop the tears. She don't even know how she looks anymore. Maybe the makeup already came off.

She secretly peeked out the window and her eyes met someone's. She immediately sat with her back to the chair. That was the fourth male lead, Song Liu Wei. Her heart was racing somewhat. His sudden appearance made her have goosebumps. He was the male lead's best friend and one of the rivals over the female lead in the novel. He must had been there to check if the bride was really the bride and not a replacement or if the bride had escaped.

Everything went by smoothly on the day of the wedding. Then, it was night. Chu Feng was waiting inside the room, in the 'Willow Garden'. According to the novel, it was supposed to rain a lot, have thunder and lightning during the night. There were signs of it, but it did not seem like it would actually rain since the morning was bright and sunny. About five in the evening, it started to pour. About an hour later, one can see and hear lightning and thunder.

Someone, drenched in water, rushed into the room and said to Chu Feng: "Prime Minister cannot attend to Miss tonight due to urgent problems." Then, he left.

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