Looking for a Way Out

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Chu Feng was tired. She didn't even get the chance to sleep at all.

Even after pulling an all nighter, Chu Feng was still unable to make it. She remembered that all the female leads easily made it, and even their servants did too.

They easily made the potion to fake their deaths, especially the main female lead. It was her specialty.

Chu Feng sat on her doorway thinking about what she should do next. Since the potion wasnt working, she would try something else.

But what else would work?

Sickness? Should she fake a sickness? But the Zhou family wouldn't even care.

As Chu Feng was deep in thought, Yang came to her room with some food.

"Third Miss, I've brought your breakfast here!" Yang screamed her lungs out.

She was the type to scream and yell. But it was because she was partly death due to an incident when she was young.

Chu Feng tidied her things ups.

Then, she ate her food and left her courtyard after finishing her breakfast.

She was already set in having a time limit -three months- before she gets married to Prime Minister Zhou.

If she doesn't do anything, she would only be courting death's door.

Thus, Chu Feng decided to go out once again to search for a way to make her sick or escape her wedding.

She was also one who does not believe in men's declaring their undeniable love to women.

Though, this was only meant for the men in this novel since all the men in this novel seems to be crazy somewhat.

Even with her reputation of being clumsy and useless except for her good looks, the Zhou family still accepted her. But that was only because of the ties the Han family had with the Zhou family from long long ago.

Chu Feng walked passed a jewelry store and immediately saw something.

It was the golden phoenix hairpin that the female lead was given by the second male lead. It was so beautiful yet the young Prime Minister Zhou destroyed it to dust.

It was a fine jewelry that could be sold for hundreds of yellow crystals at a high price.

If she were to buy it, then it wouldn't break would it?

Chu Feng thought and her hands subconsciously went for the fine piece of gold jewelry.

As soon as she touched it, she felt a burst of energy flow throughout her body.

What was happening?

Chu Feng could only question herself and get no answer. She looked for the shopkeeper in the shop to ask for the price.

"Oh, this thing." The shopkeeper looked at it in disgust. The shopkeeper didn't even look at Chu Feng and only glanced. He knows that Chu Feng was to not look at as he heard from the rumors about her.

"It costs only one red crystal," the shop keeper said.

Chu Feng could not believe it but it was a price that she was willing to pay. She is not going to say anything about it.

The finely carved golden phoenix was worth more than that but she was not willing to pay more. The shopkeeper accepted the piece of red crystal and left to see other customers.

Just as Chu Feng turned her head, she hit something. It felt like a wall.

She looked up and saw a man, the second male lead that is.

He was the outstanding and beloved seventh son of the Lan Clan, Lan Jing. He was only second to the male lead in looks, according to the novel.

Though, it was debatable.

Many readers loved him much more, however, as he was sly and loving when he really showed to his lover, well, not lover but his one sided crush, the female lead.

The man had actually died in the novel but was brought back to life in exchange with the woman who loved him, Li Gao Xian. She loved him so much that she brought him back to life and in exchange, she would die.

It was such a heartbreaking scene. It broke many readers heart, even Chu Feng's heart broke for a week.

"Ah, sorry." Chu Feng immediately apologized. Then, she grabbed Yang's hand and hurriedly left, forgetting the phoenix hair pin.

A smile appeared on Lan Jing's face. His mind kept replaying the blank and flushed face of Chu Feng.

"Shopkeeper, do you know the lady? She had left her hairpin." Lan Jing was intrigued by Chu Feng.

"Seventh Young Master, the lady is the rumored fiance of Prime Minister Zhou." If it was a chance for gossip, the shop keeper would gladly tell.

"She's the clumsy third lady of the Han household." The shopkeeper continued.

After hearing what he wanted to hear, Lan Jing left the shop. He had just wanted to see what kind of jewelries were out, never expecting to bump into Chu Feng.

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