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Ming Shu followed Chu Feng and Chu Feng's two followers out. Lan Jing also did too. The Xiao siblings watched as the five people left the building.

"Does that woman not know of Master Ling? How dare she be so imprudent to him!"  Xiao Man did not see Chu Feng's face clearly. Though, Xiao Yan did. He finally found her after so many months went by.

"Han Qin Xi," Lan Jing called out to Chu Feng just when they got a little farther away from the building. "Han Qin Xi, forgive me."

Chu Feng stopped her tracks. She was really not used to being called Han Qin Xi. It wasn't even her name in the first place.

"For what?" Chu Feng was confused. Though she figured out what he might possibly apologize for.

"I didn't mean to use you as a replacement. I've thought it over. I sincerely ask for forgiveness." Lan Jing got down on his knees to show his sincerity.

Chu Feng did not expect for a lead to beg a cannon fodder. She laughed coldly in her heart. She really didn't want to be tied with the leads one bit. Her life is more precious. She didn't want to be part of the leads crew for the worse would come. 

With the type of character Lan Jing has, after she forgives him, he'll grab onto her again. He loves what he couldn't get, for example, Li Yu Yan.

Ming Shu watched in surprise. Who would have thought that the Seventh Young Master of the Lan clan would kneel down for a woman?

He was known for flirting and getting around women and breaking their hearts. Ming Shu knew that well. Just how did her friend make a playboy like him fall onto his knees and beg her? Was it her beauty?

Chu Feng coldly stare down at the second male lead. Although she wasn't particularly coldly staring down at him, her face seemed like it was. Lan Jing stayed in that position for a while without Chu Feng saying anything and just staring at him.

Chu Feng was deciding what to do next. She didn't know what to do. She was thinking about the consequences for accepting his apology and not accepting his apology. Though both seemed like it would lead to her death. She didn't want anything to kill her. She already died once, she didn't want to die again.

When it comes to interacting with the leads, Chu Feng put her life on first priority. Let her be selfish about her life and how she wants it to go.

Just then, Mingyu pulled Chu Feng away. They both walked far away into the distance. Mei hurriedly followed after them after glancing back at the now dark face kneeling Lan Jing. She was frightened by Lan Jing's face. His face was not so scary before.

Mingyu saw that man before so he recognized that man. He felt hatred for that man though he didn't really understand why. Some part of him just did not like to see Lan Jing at all with Chu Feng. Just earlier, he had felt his heart feel like it was being strangled by something. But just what is it?

He didn't like the feeling so he just took Chu Feng's hand and left. Chu Feng quietly followed him. Mingyu didn't know what Chu feng was feeling. Was she angry?

Just then, he heard her breathe a sigh of relief. His actions was correct wasn't it?

Chu Feng was still letting Mingyu take her everywhere he wanted. Mingyu wanted to take her far away from everyone's reach until this weird feeling in him disappear.

Finally, they stopped on the market street up north. They had came from the south of Nian City and Mingyu took her up north of Nian City.

At some point, Mingyu realized his actions and stopped. Chu Feng was curious of where he wanted to go so she didn't stop him. Mei followed after them though she was far behind. Ming Shu also followed them. All of them just left Lan Jing behind.

"Is this where you wanted to go so hurriedly?" Chu Feng looked at the brothel they stopped in front of. Its name was written big and bolded, "Pleasure Pavilion". They were in the red light district.

Mingyu knew exactly where this place was. He was brought here a few times while being a slave but never sold here. The female slaves were sold in this place. He only stopped here on accident.

Chu Feng continued her teasing, "I didn't know you would be interested in this place that fast." Her face drew a huge smile while Mingyu's face began to blush. Though, it was not a blush in embarrassment. 

He looked at his hand. His hand was still holding onto Chu Feng's and she didn't seem to be bothered about it. Why did his face feel like it was burning? A lot of questions popped up in his mind.

"Ah!" Ming Shu exclaimed. "Lou Siying!" From the way her voice sounded, she was happy.

Lou Siying?

Chu Feng looked in the direction of the brothel's door. Coming out of it was Lou Siying in his big fur coat.

His taste was very unique. It was already so hot and he was wear a fur coat. His fur coat was very puffy and big too. 

Just looking at him made Chu Feng feel hot even though she was not wearing a big fur coat.

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