Zhou Residence

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Maybe she had. 

Maybe she really do sympathize with these tragic characters. She is one of those tragic characters too.

By the time it was evening, Chu Feng powdered her face again and changed back to her clothes she came out of the Zhou Residence with. A wife of the Prime Minister couldn't stay out too long without her maid. 

As she walked back to the Zhou Residence, many people were at the door and blocked the doorway. Chu Feng knitted her eyebrows. Which part of the story was this? 

She walked towards the crowd and saw an unsightly figure that was barely breathing laying on the ground with its face unrecognizable. The clothes seemed to be very familiar to her. She unconsciously got down to look at  the barely breathing figure. 

"M-m-mis..." The figure struggled to say something. 

"Mei!" Chu Feng yelled. 

The figure's voice was really recognizable.




Her heart was beating so hard like someone playing the drums. Even if this maid had only been with her for a month, the maid was the only one who stayed by her side while all the other servants ran away and went to serve the other masters. This maid served her well within the one month.

Chu Feng hurriedly put Mei in her arms while making sure she didn't hurt Mei at the same time. "What happened to you while I was not here?" Chu Feng's eyes became watery and her voice started to break. Seeing one of her people get hurt was the worst feeling she ever felt. 

Wait, when did Mei become one of her people?

Chu Feng unconsciously thought. She must really treasured Mei unknowingly. 

Once again, Chu Feng remembered another horrible memory of hers that she buried very deeply and hid away. 

"Sister," Chu Feng mumbled to herself. 

Mei's pulse was really slowly disappearing. Her eyes could no longer open to see Chu Feng's face. The last thing she saw before she closed her eyes was something she never saw before while serving her master. It looked like a monster was was unleashed yet she felt so warm. She has burdened her master.

Chu Feng blamed herself. She has been tolerating things too much and did not pay attention to the things happening around her. Being too ignorant is not bliss.

"You'll be alright." 

Chu Feng slowly carried Mei up. The Zhou Residence's door was locked tightly and the guards were blocking her path, meaning that they wouldn't let Chu Feng in. 

"Put the servant down and you will be able to come in." Someone from the inside opened the door while saying it. 

Chu Feng focused on the servant that just came out. It's really that damn 'devoted' maid of Han Qin Xi. 

"The maid received a small punishment for its master." Yang's face had a huge smile on her face right now. Seeing her ex-master looking so pitiful made her laugh so much she could cry. Her new master was right. Serving her new master was the best.

Chu Feng gave Yang a look that said "Ah, so this is where you went".

The way that Chu Feng looked at her made her angry. Han Qin Xi had always gave Yang the same look as if Yang was only nothing in her eyes. 

"Know your place now? You can't do anything!" Yang showed off her new clothes that she was wearing and her new jewelries that she got from her new master. Her smile became wider when she reached the bottom half of her jewelries. Those ones looked old. 

Yang took them off and threw it at Chu Feng. Those were the ones that Han Qin Xi gave to Yang because Han Qin Xi thought Yang was a very devoted maid to her. 

"Such stupidity," Chu Feng said it to Yang. She sighed.

Chu Feng's eyes were smiling as she gently laid Mei down on the ground and fed Mei a sprouted Brown Spirit Seed. That seed grew from Chu Feng's own blood. It confirmed her identity, but now was not the time to worry about that. That was something for later.

Yang got angrier but she took no action. She was still following her new master's orders: Make Han Qin Xi a worthless ant as she did to you.

People were still watching. All eyes on the scene. They were ready to condemn someone and were ready to spread the news. Tonight would be lively.

"Tell me, the one who you serve currently," Chu Feng looked up at Yang and demanded.

"My master is Lou Nan." 

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