Three Moons Festival

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"Mister, I'll buy two masks." Chu Feng took one gold and one silver tiger mask off from the hooks. Them two would look very nice on her and her little boy who was at home.

"It'll be ten red crystals then."

Chu Feng gave ten red crystals to the shopkeeper. Then, she hurried off to buy some red bean buns and a roasted chicken to bring to Mingyu.

"Mingyu, let's go out today. I'll take you see the Lake Of Lanterns." Chu Feng grabbed Mingyu's small hands and gave him the gold mask. "It's a little big, but you still look nice." 

Mingyu was still eating his bun when Chu Feng gave him the mask to put on. He looked at Chu Feng's powdered face curiously. The smell of powder was disgusting to him. He preferred Chu Feng's normal smell, the smell of flowers which relaxed him.

Why did she need to hide her face? She was not ugly. What reasons did she have?

Chu Feng went off to get some water to wash her powdered face and came back quickly to Mingyu. She gently placed her gem like hands into the clear water and scooped some water into her hands. Mingyu stared at Chu Feng who was washing her face. His eyes following every movement of Chu Feng's.

"Today's the Three Moons Festival. We'll buy food and drinks for us to eat. Today's prices are a little lower than usual." Chu Feng took out a change of clothes for Mingyu and her. Both of the robes were blue with golden yellow designs. One was small and the other was big.

Of course, the small one was for little Mingyu. 

After finishing dressing up, Chu Feng looked at the cute little boy whose face was flushed red. How could Chu Feng just dress in front of him? Though she still had an under layer on, her figure was exposed still to Mingyu. 

Mingyu caught sight of a flower symbol on Chu Feng's left arm while she was tying up her hair. He curiously looked at it.  

Chu Feng hurriedly dressed Mingyu, who felt shy but happy at the same time, after she finished fixing herself. Mingyu, from the day he was born, has never met anyone who treated him so kindly, yet he still put up some guard against Chu Feng since they've just met yesterday. 

Their masks were put on and they both went out. By then, it was already evening. The lights were lit on the streets even though the sun was barely going down. Loud parades were happening on the streets. They both went to watch excitingly--well, Chu Feng was the most excited one. 

Street dances were performed on every street. Many women pretty themselves for today. Most of them were unrecognizable, especially the women who rarely made themself beautiful. Men would be confessing their love and have the Great Deity Xia be the witness. 

Chu Feng loved the sight. She was mesmerized by the lively night. If only time could stop, but she knew that time couldn't. Life is such a beautiful sight to see right now. 

Thinking back, she seemed to have remember that Madam Zhou had invited a master demonic exterminator and Scarlet Sect's Master, Master Bei Li, to the Zhou residence today. It would be fine if she don't go there right? After all, she wasn't part of the main cast.

Anyways, the male lead would also not be home too. Because tonight, the young Prime Minister Zhou meets a woman, who only existed for a chapter of the novel. She was his first love that he could not obtain. The mysterious lady's name was also untold and so was her identity. 

The readers named her "The Lover that the Male Lead Could Not Get" or "The Unobtainable Lover" or "The Lost Lover". There were so many names on the mysterious lady. This story was a side story told by the author to explain why the male lead would always stand on the Bridge of the Lake of Lanterns every time on the night of the Three Moons Festival looking at the bright moons. 

He would stand there until the female lead comes to find him and takes him away. The female lead never knew of this "Lost Lover" of the male lead. She had always thought she was his first love. 

Chu Feng could not help but smile thinking about the plot. Now, she would never finish the novel and find out who that mysterious woman is.

Mingyu saw the sadness in Chu Feng's eyes. 

Who or what could she be thinking of right now?

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