Flower Maiden

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It was evening and Chu Feng was waiting for the news.

Her maid, who she named Mei, brought in some water into the bathtub. 

"Mistress Han, the water is full now." 

Chu Feng got up from sitting on the stairs and dipped one finger in the water. Once she confirmed that the water was warm, she made Mei leave her alone to bathe. 

She took out her hair jewelries and her thick black hair slowly fell down. Next, she took off her clothes until she only had a layer left. But still, it revealed her good figure and outlined it more.

She looked at her reflection in the water. The layers of makeup that she had on was getting crusty. The makeup did not stay long on a person after a day. Every night when she bathes she would apply the makeup after fully washing her face and body. She had to make sure the make up doesn't ruin her face as her purpose was not for it to be ruined but to not lose her chastity to the male lead and keep him away so she doesn't see him.

Then, Chu Feng took off her last layer of clothes. She saw purple bruises everywhere, especially around her chest area. 

Who would have thought that the male lead was heartless enough to even use his inner force against someone who had little cultivation? Was he not supposed to be kind and gentle to people? Isn't that why he was loved by everyone? Are the people of this city blinded?

Ah, he must be two faced. This kind of man has a damaged brain. No, they have no brain. 

Chu Feng dipped herself into the tub full of water. 

"It stings," Chu Feng said as she bear the pain of her wounds getting touched by the warm water. 

"Ah. Ouch." The water touched her bruised areas. More blood started to flow out. 

She really needs to learn self defense. If she did then maybe she wouldn't be in this much pain. That damn husband is not gentle at all. Some rumours cannot be trusted.

"Ah, my poor self. Why have I gotten into this mess? I only want to live and eat but trouble always come my way."

Chu feng started to talk to herself and console herself. "Must I always be the scapegoat for everything? This fate of Han Qin Xi is so bad. But I am now in her place."

She sighed and closed her eyes. Shining little blue and red lights started to appear one by one. 

Chu Feng could feel the warmth of the water against her skin. It still hurt but only a little now. She thought: Ah, my wounds must have gotten used to the touch of water.

Then, she put her head and body underwater. More shiny little blue and red lights appeared. 

Something was off. Why did all of a sudden she started to feel very hot? She knew that the water was only warm but over time, it got warmer?

Still underwater, she opened her eyes. To her surprise, the wounded and bruised areas of her body started to shine in yellow light. They were healing.

What is this? Oh my, oh my! This was what happened only to the female lead in the story! The female lead and the male lead had a heated night together after a gruesome fight against the villain. Why would they have sex after a fight? Ask the author. It was in the plot. 

The wounds of the female lead healed along with the male lead's after that one night together. It was wounds and heat that brought out the small blue and red lights that were called little "Fairies". But that was all because Li Yu Yan, the female lead, had the blood of the "Flower Maidens" running through her veins, even if she was half. 

Li Yu Yan's great, great, great grandmother was a servant of the Flower Maidens and was also a Flower Maiden (but low ranked and has less potential). Though, now the Flower Maidens disappeared which was why the story was called, "The Last Winter Flower of Nian City." 

Well, "Winter" because Li Yu Yan's great, great, great grandmother served the "Winter Flower Maiden," one of the eight beauties of the world. There are also a Summer Flower Maiden, an Autumn Flower Maiden, and a Spring Flower Maiden who were also part of that eight beauties of the world. 

Li Yu Yan's great, great, great grandmother married a merchant boy, which everyone thought that her descendants could not carry on the blood of the Flower Maidens, even the female lead's mother and her mother's mother did not carry it. Only Li Yu Yan was the one, a half blood.

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