Meeting the Prime Minister

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"Weiyang, this is your first wife, the third daughter of the Han clan, Han Qin Xi." Madam Zhou introduced the male lead to Chu Feng.

Madam Zhou eyed Chu Feng to remember to be respectful to the male lead. Everything, Madam Zhou loved about Chu Feng, except for her thick makeup.

Chu Feng came from a good family and she loves Chu Feng's characteristics. But most of all, she especially loved Chu Feng's body. It was perfect for carrying children, though she did hear that Han Qin Xi was a bit clumsy, that was the reason she agreed to Han Qin Xi.

Chu Feng could feel the male lead stare at her from head to toe. He saw her as a crazy woman due to her looks, but he didn't want to be deceived. He wasn't there for their first night, afterall. Maybe she was just putting on a face in front of him.

The male lead turned to his mother and said very strongly, "Mother, I want to introduce you to my two saviors."

Madam Zhou did hear about her son getting attacked and saved by two strong martial artists. She would gladly meet the two saviors and reward them greatly.

"Luo Nan, Zheng Mingran" the Male lead called.

Two woman came through the door. Both were the same height. One wore a green robe and the other wore a blue robe. One was carrying a sword and one was carrying an arrow.

"Mother, they are my saviors, Luo Nan, the disciple of the Master of Wither sect, Bei Li, and Zheng Mingran, the current master of Lake Valley."

Madam Zhou was surprised. To meet two big shots in the same day was a dream no one could dream of. She had heard of Bei Li's gifted disciple Luo Nan, was already at her 8th stage of cultivation although she was still only 16. Even better, Zheng Mingran was the master of Lake Valley, a woman well known as the medicine goddess who could cure all.

"It is my pleasure to meet both of you, Miss Luo Nan and Miss Zheng Mingran." Madam Zhou saw them pleasing to the eye unlike her daughter in law.

Zheng Mingran giggled and looked shyly. The she said, "Zheng Mingran greets Mother."

Lou Nan followed after Zhou Mingran.

What just happen? Madam Zhou looked surprised. Then, she looked towards her son.

The young Prime Minister Zhou got up from his seat and kneeled on the floor.

"Mother, they've saved my life and I would like to repay them back by being my wives."

Madam Zhou could not close her mouth which was wide opened. The maids all gasped and looked towards Chu Feng to see if she was fine. After all, this was their first real meeting after their wedding.

But Chu Feng was fine. She already knew the plot anyways. The Male lead will bring in the the two big shots and then they will cause trouble for Han Qin Xi and so on, leading to Han Qin Xi's dislikable behavior.

"Mother, they've already agreed and we've already made pledges together."


The look on Madam Zhou's face was fabulous. Her face turned dark the entire time her son was trying to explain.

Chu Feng stood watching the show. It was great to see the drama in 3D. She might get use to it and fall in love with it.

Madam Zhou saw Chu Feng zoning out and called to her. She thought that Chu Feng was sad and depressed right now.

"Han Qin Xi, what do you think?"

All eyes were on her, even the male lead.

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