Saving the Damsel in Distress (2)

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Many people were outside Chu Feng's courtyard looking inside. Then, a figure came with long strides through Han Qin Xi's courtyard door.

The Prime Minister saw the scene.

Zheng Mingran called out for the male lead with tears rolling down her cheeks. Lou Nan also had tears running down her cheeks to show that she was in so much pain.

Right now, Chu Feng thought: They are well known martial artists and fall so low just for the sake of a man? Did they have cheese for a brain? Did they not know that Han Qin Xi was only on her fourth stage of cultivation? The difference in cultivation is so huge.

But without a second wasted, Zhou Weiyang rushed to save the two women in distress. He pushed Chu Feng away with his inner force and Chu Feng flew backwards towards her bed which was now broken in half.

Ouch! Did he have to use that much force?

Chu Feng laughed bitterly inside her heart. This male lead is surprisingly biased even when he knows that Han Qin Xi had little cultivation. Everyone in Jiang City knew that Han Qin Xi had little cultivation and that she wouldn't do anything against those that were more powerful than her. 

The male lead once again glared at Chu feng and checked Lou Nan's hand. He saw a red mark of someone's fingerprints. Right after, he walked towards the fallen Chu Feng at the broken bed who was getting up.


A loud noise echoed throughout the room. The male lead had been slapped. 

"Husband. Do you really think I can hurt them?" Chu Feng's eyes started to water. Then, she started coughing until some blood came out. 

"Dear husband, why did you hurt me? I am your first wife." Chu Feng placed her hands on her chest where her heart was. She gripped the cloth tightly with eyes that is trying to stop tears from falling. 

Zhou Weiyang stood there with a dark face. No one was able to tell what he was thinking, but he himself knew that he was too rash. Seeing his two new wives being bullied by his first wife was a scene he did not like. 

He first thought that women will always get along easily for all the women he saw seemed so friendly to each other. But his thinking was wrong. Jealousy flares up quickly when their men looks at another. 

The young Prime Minister Zhou finally came to a conclusion. Han Qin Xi was using her authority as the first wife to bully his two new wives who did not wish to harm her although they had high levels of cultivation.

Looking at the male lead's disordered face, Chu Feng added more emotions to her acting. 

"Dear husband, you know that I have little cultivation. If I was able to harm these two GREAT and WELL KNOWN sisters, I would have not accepted them so easily as your wives." Chu feng purposely exaggerate the word great and well known.

"Please find out the truth. Why would I cause trouble in my own courtyard and when the sun is out so brightly and doors opened so widely?" Chu Feng wiped her eyes as she didn't want tears to actually fall, but this action here made the male lead see as if Chu Feng was trying not to cry in front of him like other women. 

If the male lead had a high IQ he would find out that the two women were scheming for his love. If the male lead really believed them, then he must be surprisingly dumb. 

But it ended as to what Chu Feng had expected it to be: the male lead was really dumb.

"Han Qin Xi, even as the first wife, you should not bully the new brides of the Zhou family, especially since they saved my life." 

Zhou Weiyang spoke as if he was lecturing a mere dog. 

Yes, of course. What would he benefit from Chu Feng if he had accepted the truth? He couldn't allow his two savior to lose face here and now even if he knows it was their own fault. 

In the Prime Minister's eyes, Chu Feng was merely just someone there. A woman like any other women who wants attention and favor from him. 

"Lock the first wife up in her room for a month and make sure she does not come out," the male lead said as he turned his back. 

Lou Nan and Zheng Mingran smirked at Chu Feng and followed the male lead out the door. But as they left, they somehow felt a chill and turned back. Chu Feng was smiling at them as the door closed. 

At least, she still won in the end. 

Eyes and ears are everywhere.

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