An Enemy At The Front Lines (2)

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Chu Feng stayed and watched the entire thing until Madam Zhou dismissed everyone to go back to their courtyard to make it look not suspicious. Madam Zhou had just came to the Zhou residence after a long trip with Madam Li two hours ago and was very tired. She did not want to do anything till tomorrow morning.

When morning came, everyone was summoned to go to the hall. The only one not present was Lou Nan. The male lead was once again sitting on the Head's chair that was made out of jade and had cushion on it. Madam Zhou was rubbing her forehead while Zheng Mingran was massaging Madam Zhou's shoulders.

After the greetings and everything, Madam Zhou went straight to last night's event.

"I've invited a master demon exterminator today."

Chu Feng rolled her eyes. Trouble is meant to come her way. She just wishes it's not the same demon exterminator from yesterday.

"I've also invited Scarlet Sect Mater Bei Li, Lou Nan's Master. He will be checking on his student too."

Trouble. Trouble. Trouble.

Chu Feng knew trouble was coming. That word kept sounding in her mind.

Madam Zhou held her tea cup while Zheng Mingran pour her the tea. Zheng Mingran, who witnessed Chu Feng take a life away easily when she was coming home and saw Xhu Feng smiling last night was not too focused on pouring the tea. The maid had just brought the tea in. It was still hot.

"Ah! Unfillial daughter in law!" Madam Zhou slammed the tea cup away which fell and cracked on the floor. It was he favorite tea set too that was gifted by the Empress Dowager. Her hand was burnt and burning.

"Mother! Bring Physician Hu here quickly." The young Prime Minister Zhou commanded. His head wa sin a mess right now. His two saviors seemed to have brought bad luck to his home. They've only stayed for about three days and trouble already began.

Zheng Mingran panicked. Her mind was so full of Chu Feng's wicked smile from last night that she couldn't think of anything other than that right now.

Zheng Mingran could only hurry to pick up the broken tea cup forgetting that she could cut herself.

Chu Feng laughed inside her heart. These women. Two renown and great women fell so low just because of a man. They were jewels that shined before yet clearly now, they are dull.

Zheng Mingran seemed to have cut herself yet she hurriedly picked all the pieces up.

Madam Zhou looked at her daughter in law who was panicking on the ground. She sighed. These days everything has been hectic. She has been restless. Even when she was fighting for the live of the previous prime minister, things want this bad.

Madam Zhou knew about how life was for a woman. They had to gain favor and would only live life better if they were more dotted on. She could only sigh at the sight of the desperate women in the household.

Physician Hu finally came to attend to Madam Zhou. He was young, in his early 20s. He looked more like a handsome scholar in the white robe that he was wearing.

Physician Hu was raised by Madam Zhou and felt the need to repay her kindness. He could have traveled and made a large sum of money now with how great his medical skills were. Yet, he decided to stay. This character was not said much about in the novel so Chu Feng knew little about him.

Though, his face was to Chu Feng's liking. Physician Hu had the face of someone that one can stare at for awhile. She wouldn't get tired of looking at his handsome face even if it wasn't first rate like the male lead's.

Not noticing, someone's eyes was looking at Chu Feng and following where she was looking at. The young Prime Minister Zhou saw Chu Feng looking at the person who just came in. His eyebrows became knitted.

Chu Feng's eyes seemed to sparkle at the sight of Physician Hu. She felt someone's eyes looking at her so she turned her head towards the gaze.

Ah, so it was just the male lead.

Chu Feng went back to look at Physician Hu attending Madam Zhou's wound.

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