Get Out!

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Master Ling couldn't help but get more and more angry at the sigh of the woman.

Chu Feng continued eating. This man knew no manners. Who would come and disturbed someone while they are eating?

Master Ling grew furious. His precious restaurant turned into a mess because of this woman. He handed his hand out.


Chu Feng was confused. She didn't want to touch him.

Seeing her confused face, Master Ling coughed up and said, "Payment", with his hand still out waiting for Chu Feng to give him crystals for the damaged restaurant fees.

The people stood watching them quietly in the background. They hope they don't have to pay too. They were the first hundred people anyways.

"This is a free meal. Are you going back on your words?" Chu Feng asked. From the look of it, this man must be the owner. Chu Feng knew exactly why the owner would ask for payment. It was for the damage fees. If the owner wouldn't say anything about it then she wouldn't too.

Master Ling's face twitched. "You have to pay."

He was getting impatient. Master Ling no longer wanted to talk to Chu Feng. This woman was overly frustrating to talk to. 

It wasn't Chu Feng's fault even if she played innocent. Master Ling never said what she had to pay for. He was a man with little words. He didn't want to explain. Usually, people just give up and gave him what he wanted.

"Excuse me," Chu Feng called the servant in tael from earlier to come over. The servant did not want to be dragged into this mess. He felt that he had done nothing wrong.

Chu Feng asked, "Can you repeat what you said outside?"

The servant began to sweat. He's done nothing wrong, he kept continuing to say it inside his mind to convince himself. Then, he once again announced, "The first one hundred people who can come into our restaurant will have their meals be free of cost for today and eat as much as they want to."

The servant said it all over again. He was certain he said everything correctly like what his master told him to say earlier.

"Did you hear him?" Chu Feng's lips hooked up. "He did not clarify how one could get into the restaurant. As long as one gets into the restaurant, their meals will be free of cost. I just did what I understood from your servant."

She could have asked but why do that when she could do something entertaining? This Master Ling wanted to see people fight to get into his restaurant, but gets angry when they break it. It made no sense. When people fight, especially the people who knew martial arts and knew how to cultivate battle, there would be damages. He should have known from the start.

Though, the real reason why Chu Feng decided to come here was to test out her newly found strength on the restaurant. The food was great, but what was used to build the restaurant was better. It was made from a mix of iron and diamond. This combo was something that people would use to make shields during war and battle in the novel for protection. 

There was also an urge to break down the restaurant. It flowed through her blood. A Flower Maiden did not like the sight of one of their source of energy, diamond, to be used like this. A diamond shouldn't mix with any other material since it would take all the natural properties away and mix up with the other material's. Diamonds were rare too. In this novel world, the people could mix in almost any type of material together to make new things, especially for weapons. 

Before, they wouldn't mix in diamonds and left diamonds by itself as respect for the Flower maidens. However now that there was no Flower maiden left, the people started using diamonds to mix with other types of material. 

Chu Feng remembered that Li Yu Yan would use to destroy anything that was mixed with diamonds everywhere she went. The male lead had to replace them with other things every time, even his mother's favorite tea cup set that came along with a table. It was solved easily after Madam Zhou found out Li Yu Yan was pregnant.

What a laugh. 

Chu Feng sarcastically thought.

Once she was caught -like currently-, she could just pass the situation off by twisting the words of the servant. It was all on Master ling right now.

Hearing Chu Feng's reasoning, the people around them agreed with Chu Feng. Even the ones who didn't want to, had to, since they also broke into the restaurant and didn't want to pay for the destruction fee. They just quietly watched.

Ming Shu was outside when she heard all the commotion and so was the Xiao siblings and Lan Jing. They had all came here to take a look and eat at Master Ling's new restaurant that opened in Nian City.

Lan Jing clapped his hands and the attention went to him as soon as he walked through the door.

"Well said," Lan Jing praised. He was walking towards Chu Feng and smiled at her. Chu Feng felt the need to choke. They're not even friends at all nor knew each other well enough. This was probably the third time they met each other.

Ming Shu followed after Lan Jing in and saw Chu Feng. It was really Chu Feng. She had thought she was hearing things. Now, she had a big smile over her face and ran to hug Chu Feng.

Just as she rushed to Chu Feng, Mingyu blocked her. Who told her to run to Chu Feng like a bullet?

Ming Shu stopped immediately before almost crashing into Mingyu and noticed Mingyu in front of her. Was she mistaken? The boy wasn't as tall as this when they first met. Over the course of six months, he grew this fast? Even her divine beast, Ahxi, couldn't grow this fast.

"What did you feed him?" Ming shu blurted out her question curiously.

She ignored the situation and everyone else as if she and Chu Feng were the only ones there right now.

Master Ling hated getting interrupted by people the most. He held his head up high every time he appeared. How dare these people appear before him an interrupt him?

Chu Feng didn't answer. She couldn't. She didn't feed him anything other than human food and water, though he was asleep for six months.

Veins were popping up from Master Ling's head and hands. He couldn't hold it in any longer.

"Get out!" Master Ling did not care for his image no longer. It was just frustrating. Too frustrating. This was his first time he was driving his customers out from his restaurant.

"Here," Lan Jing gave a huge amount of crystals from red to blue to Master Ling. "That should be enough to cove for her fees."

Master Ling's face pulled a smile though he quickly hid it with disbelief. He humphed and reached out for the bag.

Just as Master Ling was going to take it over, Chu Feng grabbed onto the bag and held it in front of Lan Jing. Who was Lan Jing to pay for her? She did not like the idea of debt.

"Why do I have to pay? It was your restaurant's misclarification on how to get into the restaurant. Why are you going back on your words now, Master Ling? Also, I was not the only one." Chu Feng made eye contact with everyone else in there and then continued with her eyes making contact with Lan Jing, handing his crystals back to him. "Crystals are hard to earn. You'll just be wasting them right now."

If one thinks about it, the responsibility was on Master Ling but Master Ling was not one to be trifled with so they didn't dare to voice out their opinions else he will tell them to leave too.

Chu Feng already ate to her fill. Thus, she was willing to leave now. She left tip on the table -a habit of hers as she had always done that to every restaurant she went to. The food was good so she left tip, but she couldn't really say anything about the service. She didn't know if leaving tips was a practice in this world though. The leads seemed to never leave tip though.

Today really made Master Ling's reputation do down a little.

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