Two Outstanding Appearance

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Ming Shu? 

The cannon fodder?

Chu Feng couldn't remember anyone who had a delicate appearance like her until she heard the name. 

Ming Shu, first daughter of the southern general, General Ming. Later on, she dies while stuck in a cave of demons. Well, she was a sacrifice for the female lead. Being in the same sect as the female lead and framing the female lead, her death was just right. 

Ming Shu was one of the characters who Chu feng thought should actually die. Ming Shu abuses the female lead left to right nonstop with her more prestigious spirit root. It made her, a reader annoyed to the point where she wanted to kill Ming Shu herself.

But that was when she was just a reader. Being in the shoes of Han Qin Xi really made her learn more about this world. Only the main character's stories were told. Every cannon fodder, mob character, and minor character's stories were untold. It really did give her a different view of life.

Chu Feng smiled and stood up to greet Ming Shu.

"Miss Ming Shu. I believe we've just met? And also, I am a woman too." Chu Feng didn't want to say anything offending but she had to say in this way. She didn't know if Ming Shu's tastes has changed or something. 

Ming Shu couldn't believe what Chu Feng said. "My apologies," was all Ming Shu said, but she didn't leave. 

"My name is Ming Shu. I am the first daughter of the Ming Clan and wishes to befriend you." Ming Shu once again introduced herself.

Chu Feng smiled and also replied back, "I am Chu Feng, looking for entertainment." 

Ming Shu broke into a laugh. She didn't know if she should take Chu Feng's introduction seriously. 

"Miss Chu Feng. Would you mind if I sat here and company you?" Ming Shu already sat down before asking but decided to ask after anyways. 

Chu Feng nodded. She took a good look at Ming Shu. Ming Shu did not look at all evil. She must have became desperate for the male lead's attention and thus caused trouble for the female lead.

Ming Shu from top to bottom was a conservative woman. She had beautiful long black silky hair that curled a little at the bottom. She wore a long pink dress with long sleeves though it couldn't hide her d-cup chest. This woman barely showed any part of her skin. 

At the same time, Ming Shu was looking at Chu Feng. Chu Feng had long white hair tied into a ponytail. She had hazel phoenix eyes and was wearing a white robe outlined with blue. Looking like this, people will mistake her as a man as her chest was barely noticeable.


Both women thought of each other. 

"Miss Ming Shu," Chu Feng called out.

"Chu Feng, just call me Ming Shu. We are friends now," Ming Shu replied.

"Ming Shu, you can also call me Chu Feng." Chu Feng gave her permission anyways although Ming Shu had already started calling her without the 'Miss'.

The waiter was there the entire time waiting for the next order. He did feel a little awkward, but thinking about the money he will get made him wait a little longer. Yet, Ming Shu only shooed him away after noticing that he was still waiting on them.

"Chu Feng. I've never heard of someone named Chu Feng at all. Are you a traveler?" Ming Shu asked curiously. She knew every royalty, even their servants, and every noble out there in Nian City.

"I go by Han Qin Xi, if it reminds you of something." Chu Feng somehow felt very comfortable with Ming Shu. There was nothing to lose anyways even if she told Ming Shu her real identity. 

A loud gasp from Ming Shu was the reply. Ming Shu really could not believe it. Her eyes were wide open and so was her mouth. The dignified lady from earlier was nowhere found.

"How is that possible?!" Ming Shu shook her head in disbelief. She had heard that the third young Miss of the Han household, Han Qin Xi caught a disease and became ugly. She also heard that Han Qin Xi was a cripple who couldn't cultivate. 

If people called that ugly then what is she? 

Ming Shu could not hold her own self down. 

"You are that cripple? You are that clumsy woman? You are the crazy wife of the Prime Minister?"

My, how many titles Han Qin Xi carries.

"Correction, I am not a cripple. I just haven't really taken the time to cultivate yet and for if I am clumsy or not, I don't know. Also, I am not crazy, just bored."

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