Saving the Damsel in Distress

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Maybe she was overthinking or something but the male lead seems to be glaring at her. What did she do to piss him off though? Did he really want them so much?

"This daughter will follow her husband's decision," Chu Feng said so sadly, adding a watery eye effect.

Madam Zhou felt pity for her poor daughter in law and tried to convince her son to change his decision, but in the end, Madam Zhou accepted the two.

The servants looked like they were ready to gossip. Chu Feng could see their smiling faces laughing at her misery.

It hurts to be the person who no one wants. But she didn't want him either. The more women, the less likely she will lose her chastity. Well, it's not like she cared about it but she would like to save it for her lover, that is, if she does find one.

By the afternoon, Zheng Mingan and Luo Nan went to visit Chu Feng. As they got there, they saw the beautiful gold walls and pretty vases. There were even flowers and an artificial pond there too. There eyes both shined until they saw Chu Feng.

Of course, Chu Feng caught them looking around with their shiny eyes in her courtyard.

"Greetings, Han Qin Xi," the two said while still looking around the room and roaming around the room.

"Excuse you?" Chu Feng stopped Luo Nan from going through her drawers by grabbing Luo Nan's hands. Zheng Mingran grabbed onto Chu Feng's and started screaming.

"Ah! Older sister Han! Don't hurt younger sister Luo Nan!" Zheng Mingran continued until a lot of people came to the courtyard. Then, she started pretending to pull Chu Feng's hand off of Luo Nan.

Chu Feng wanted to laugh at the stupid acting. If they really wanted to have an acting contest then let's have it!

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