A Silent Day

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Six months. It was the longest six months for the entire Zhou Residence. 

Madam Zhou passed by the hot days along with all the servants. Zheng Mingran went back to Lake Valley to handle some things. She was its master and couldn't leave that place unattended for a long time. Lou Nan was sent back to "fix" herself at Scarlet Sect due to her crazy behavior. The young Prime Minister Zhou went to save Li Yu Yan who was once again kidnapped. 

There goes the chasing and falling in love again. 

It was pretty funny actually. Everyone decided to leave the same day Chu Feng decided to go into seclusion. Including, the kidnapping of Li Yu Yan. Thus, time went by very slow, especially the hot days that followed. None of them returned yet. 

Chu Feng had just heard of this when she went to greet Madam Zhou. She looked like she was waiting to talk to someone. Talking to the maids and servants were boring enough. The maids and servants always say what you want to hear and hand no opinions in whatever topic it was. 

Madam Zhou wanted to talk, but she was the type who would not go to another's house just to sit and talk around. She preferred her own house and wanted others to come visit her instead. Madam Zhou did not like long rides.

Chu Feng greeted Madam Zhou who was drinking from her new set of tea cups. The tea cups this time was more refined and elegant. They were painted by a renown artist and made by a renown master of crafts. 

Madam Zhou's eyes landed on Chu Feng's stomach and then made a sad face for a second. Her hopes were really too high. Did she really need to beg her son for a grandchild?

Chu Feng noticed. Why did Madam Zhou look at her stomach? 

"How are you, Madam Zhou?" Chu Feng asked politely. 

"You've already married into our Zhou family. Just call me mother." Madam Zhou replied back, her tone sounded kind but commanding.

Without a second spared, Madam Zhou went straight to the point, "You've changed in these few months." Though she said this, Madam Zhuo still sighed in her heart. It seemed like her daughter in law's makeup skills had gotten worse. 

"Are you getting along well with the Prime Minister?" Madam Zhou asked.

Well? He looks at me with glaring eyes everytime.

Chu Feng wished she could answer Madam Zhou like that. 

"I haven't seen him in a while. I heard that he went on a mission." Chu Feng changed the topic. She knew exactly what Madam Zhou wanted to ask. 

Madam Zhou sighed. She really regret accepting the task of saving Madam Li's daughter. "When my son comes back, I'll give you a little hand." Madam Zhou smiled dearly to Chu Feng.

"Mother, may I be honest?" Chu Feng made sure her voice was pleasant to the ears. She said it softly and a little scared like she didn't want to ask. Of course, she did wanted to ask. She just wanted better results so she said it in this way.

Madam Zhou looked at Chu Feng and replied by nodding her head. Chu Feng got up and poured Madam Zhou another cup of tea as she saw Madam Zhou finish her first one. 

Then, Chu Feng began, "My body has been very weak over the course of this few months. I don't feel like I am getting any better." 

Madam Zhou looked at Chu Feng's complexion. Though, she could not really see it as Chu Feng had a too much powder on. She could only see Chu Feng's pale hands. It made Madam Zhou's heart sank.

 "Just yesterday, I asked for Physician Hu to check my health. He..." She paused for Madam zhou to think of whatever she wanted. 

Chu Feng, of course, felt better and healthier than ever. She just played sick on that day. It was done easily. She just had to control her pulse and rearrange her flow of energy. Physician Hu was only a physician. He didn't cultivate much, as a physician in this world already gets paid a lot and is valued a lot by people. 

Then, Chu Feng saw the excited face on Madam Zhou who had an expression of 'I'll call for other physicians'.

"It's no use to send other physicians. Physician Hu is the best of the best. If he couldn't cure me, then no one else can." Chu Feng quietly said with the saddest voice she had. She put her head down, not making eye contact with Madam Zhou.

Chu Feng did not want to be checked up on for by so many people, else her secret will come out. 

Madam Zhou's mood went down for the day. She didn't feel like talking anymore so she sent Chu Feng back.

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