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Chu Feng powdered her face once again with heavy makeup and left to the Zhou residence.

By the time Chu Feng walked back to the Zhou residence, it was evening. The sun was barely visible anymore yet it's light was still there, making the sky look orange, red and yellow. 

Chu Feng finally arrived at the doorsteps of the Zhou residence and waiting by the door was a maid. The maid wore a green robe, signifying that she worked under Madam Zhou. Something has happened alright. The maid greeted Chu Feng in a hurriedly manor and brought Chu Feng to the Zhou residence hall as fast as she could.

There, Chu Feng first saw Madam Zhou. 

Madam Zhou was sitting on the chair in the center of the front of the room, facing Chu Feng. They both made eye contact. One could definitely tell now that Madam Zhou was angry.

"Greetings, Madam Zhou," Chu Feng greeted Madam Zhou politely. What was happening? 

Throughout the room, there were many people. Zheng Mingran was there with seven of her people from Lake Valley, two of them were well known to be the gatekeepers of Lake Valley. Who was watching Lake Valley if those two gatekeepers were here? 

Lou Nan along with her Scarlet Sect Master Bei Li and five other disciples were present in the room. Lou Nan didn't seem as scared anymore. It seemed like she was restored to her usual self. 

Another person was there. He wore a red outer robe and a black layer under. His hair was long and red, put in a ponytail with a gold ornament holding his hair up instead of strings. This man seemed to look out of place. He held onto his fan and continued to play with it as if he was bored of the people there.

"Kneel," Madam Zhou told Chu Feng demandingly the moment her eyes set on the person at the door. Her voice was angry yet it held some sincerity in it. She sounded like she was forced to say it. Or maybe Chu Feng was just hearing things.

At what point of the story was this? Had she been too greedy and only cared for herself too much?

Deep in thought, Chu Feng did not do what Madam Zhou had told her to do. 

'Really,' she thought to herself.

She really was too ignorant. Something in her was gone. Some part of her felt lost. Just what is it that she lost? It was too important yet she didn't know what it was. 

Immediately, Chu Feng's body was forced down by a wave of pressure, someone else's and her own. She was finally brought back to reality. 

No longer distracted by her own thoughts, Chu Feng looked around the room. She hoped it's not what she think that happened. 

Although in the the kneeling position, Chu Feng still dared to look around for her maid. 

Lou Nan looked at Chu Feng in disgust. It was all because of Han Qin Xi. All her (HQX) fault that she had to experience her (LN) master's "teaching". She hated it to the point where she wanted to shred Han Qin Xi apart, but she couldn't. Thinking about what's going to happen to Han Qin Xi was enough to fill her misery. She pulled out a smirk.

Chu Feng caught sight of that smirk. Something really did happen when she was gone. 

"Han Qin Xi, do you know what you did wrong?" Madam Zhou spoke up, ending the silence in the room. 

Chu Feng looked at Madam Zhou whose face was now relaxing a bit, no longer tense though the annoyance in her face still showed. 

"This humble one does not know. Please tell." Chu Feng still did not bow down. She tried to get up from her kneeling position but she couldn't. Something was binding her and not allowing her to get up. Who was it?

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