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Mei caught up with them and brought the food she bought. They ate it while walking around Nian City. Mei also bought water, though she didn't know why as they didn't really needed water but Chu Feng told her to, so she did as she was told.

She later found out that it's only purpose was to wash the heavy powder off Chu Feng's face. This was the first time that she saw her master's real face after working for so long. She was flabbergasted and couldn't believe her eyes. Today gave her so many surprises.

Somewhere inside of Mingyu felt glad. The irritating smell of powder was finally gone. Though he felt more unsettled for some reason thinking about others seeing Chu Feng's unpowdered face.

The three of them continued sight watching and talking. They didn't really have anything else to buy other than street food and candies.

They dropped by Chu Feng's and Mingyu's home to clean things up.

Just when did her master buy a house of her own? Mei thought to herself. Though, she didn't voice out her thoughts, still following the master and servant relationship.

After finishing tidying things up, they left to go sightseeing again. Nian city was really big. This was the first time all three of them saw Nian city thoroughly. They've all lived in Nian city for such a long time yet none of them was able to go out and look around Nian city as they were always tied back with something.

Mingyu used to be a slave so he couldn't go anywhere and had to stay in his cell. Chu Feng was always somehow unable to leave the house, both while at the Han's and the Zhou's. Mei was only a maid, so she could only go within a few radius without her master, even when she ran errands.

All three of them spent time together admiring the city--No, to be accurate, only two were since Mingyu only focused on Chu Feng's changing expressions.

A huge store was opening and everyone was outside, waiting for it to open.

"Ah, finally! I've been waiting for months to come!"

"It's finally opened!"

"Master Ling's second restaurant is finally opened!"

"Yes! It will be as great as the first one!"

Every bystander was waiting for the moment the store will open. They were voicing out praises and compliments before the opening ceremony. A huge crowd was in front of the store.

Chu Feng was interested. For a restaurant to be this popular, the food must be great. But it must cost a lot too. She looked at her interspatial ring and sighed. Maybe next time.

Mingyu caught her sigh. His face dimmed a little.

The next moment, Chu Feng made a wide smile and grabbed both Mingyu's and Mei's hands. They hurriedly went to the pawn shop. She still had all the dowry from her wedding. She pawned a few of them and got back a huge amount of crystals back.

Then, they went back to the store.

At the moment that they reached there, a servant in a tael outfit came out. He announced, "The first one hundred people who can come into our restaurant will have their meals be free of cost for today and eat as much as they want to."

Suddenly, fights began everywhere. People were pushing and grabbing nonstop. Thirty minutes later, only ten people who were strong enough to beat the others were able to walk through the doors.

This Master Ling must really be enjoying the show right now.

Chu Feng wanted to eat but didn't want to join in the fight. She went to the back side of the store area and blew a hole in. She brought Mei and Mingyu in with her. The three sat on the nearest table and started to order food.

They just said whoever could get into the restaurant would get free all you can eat. They didn't say that you have to come through the door. The people fighting to get inside through the door saw what Chu Feng did.

They copied the exact same. Each one of them blew up a hole in the restaurant not caring much about breaking it and went inside. The newly built restaurant was now half destroyed into by so many people. It wasn't as glorious as before.

A man, who looked a little like he was in his early twenties, was drinking wine from the fourth floor but soon became furious. His restaurant that he worked and paid so much to build was easily destroyed.

He went downstairs to stop the people. Everyone took a look at him, though Chu Feng's table was only focused on eating their ordered food. The food was really good and to Chu Feng's tastes.

Master Ling focused in on the table that was continuously ordering and eating even with his presence. They dare to eat even though he was here?

Chu Feng finally stopped after seeing a man walking up to her. Mei had already stopped the moment Master Ling came down. Mingyu did not like to eat human food so he barely ate any, but to make Chu Feng happy, he ate some.

"You!" Master Ling said with his hands shaking pointing at Chu Feng, trying to hold down his angry voice. He did not ask if Chu Feng was the one who first broke into his restaurant but accusingly pointed at her.

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