Desperate Times Calls For Desperate Measures

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Chu Feng didn't know what to say. Li Gao Xian was the number two beauty in the whole world and she was asking for a 'favor' from Chu Feng. 

Who in the world, in their right minds, would make such a fairy like person serve them?

Li Gao Xian's eyes sparkled nonstop. Did she have a hidden agenda? Is that why she (LGX) approached her (CF)?

The onlookers did not like to see a beauty standing with someone so inferior. They whispered worthless things. 

Li Gao Xian noticed and apologized. Chu Feng gave a sigh of relief seeing Li Gao Xian turn and walk away, but then Li Gao Xian hurried back to Chu Feng saying, "I'll come for an answer tomorrow."

Chu Feng had really sigh too early. 

After Li Gao Xian left, Chu Feng decided to move again to a place where not much people were there. She went on to take a walk in the Li Clan's garden to get away from the people's eyes. Those people were really staring at her too much. Do their eyes not hurt?

Outside, Chu Feng went to touch the cold water in the artificial pond. It made her feel relax sitting there playing with the water with the three moons shining on her. 

Through her reflection in the water, Chu Feng saw her skin turn pure white like a sheet. Flower like tattoos appeared on her skin slowly and her white hair started to glow.  

Chu Feng panicked. This was not the right time for her to change. Why did it have to be now? She took off her outer robe and covered herself with it but because it wasn't a dark color, her glowing hair could still be seen. The little shiny blue and red lights also started to appear around her.


Chu Feng's head turned towards the noise. Someone's here? She looked around to see if anyone was here but only found a little black fur ball that came came walking out from the bushes. 

Ah. It was only the female lead's beast.

The little black fur ball came walking towards Chu Feng with its tiny feet. 

"Where is your master? She's inside right?" Chu Feng crouched and took out a few sweets she took from inside. She held it in her palm forgetting that the fur ball could bit off her fingers. The little black fur ball walked closer to Chu Feng lured by the scent of snacks.

"I remember that I kicked you before. I'm sorry. Your master scares me so when you showed up, I did what I did." Chu Feng laughed at herself. Wow. She was apologizing to a beast that she don't even know if it knew how to speak or not. Did it even understand her? This unknown beast always showed up out of nowhere. It really wants to give her a heart attack so much. 

Chu Feng reached out to touch the fur ball. Its fur looked so soft. She had to try touching it at least once. To her surprise the fur ball gladly came to her and even rubbed itself on Chu Feng. 

"Do you want to switch masters now?" Chu Feng laughed while feeling its soft fur. She rubbed its stomach and it groaned. It must have liked it. Somehow this feeling felt very familiar like she was playing with a furry dog instead. Chu Feng continued to rub it when someone showed up from the same spot the fur ball came from. 

Ah! You traitor!

Chu Feng yelled inside her mind when she saw who came out. It was of course the Young Prime Minister Zhou. Chu Feng stood up immediately and used the furball to hide her face and covered herself with her robe more. She held the furball in front of her face so that the male lead couldn't see her face.

Why were they seeing each other so much today? First, the Sun-Moon Pagoda and now this. She is really going to get a heart attack this time.

"Who are you?" He called out.

Chu Feng didn't answer and kept walking backwards while holding the fur ball in front of her face. The Young Prime Minister Zhou continued to walk forward as Chu Feng continued walking backwards. 

She stepped backwards, forgetting that she was next to an artificial pond. Chu Feng slipped on a rock and fell backwards, losing her balance. Right now, she would rather fall to her death than meet up with the male lead. He's too much of a dangerous person.

Unluckily, the male lead caught her by her waist. Chu Feng almost dropped the fur ball and saw the male lead looking at her. They both made eye contact but the lower half of her face was covered by the fur ball.

Chu Feng's hands let go of the fur ball, allowing it to be free from her. The little black fur ball did not like the water so it panicked and jumped off of Chu Feng while Chu Feng fell backwards with her eyes wide open, pulling the male lead into the pond with her. She didn't know if she should thank the little furball or not. All she knew was that she is totally dead now for the touching the male lead. The female lead wouldn't forgive her.

Please forgive me, female lead. It wasn't on purpose. Your black fur ball is at fault.

In the water, Chu Feng struggled to breathe. She looked like she was having a seizure in water. The Young Prime Minister Zhou grabbed the panicking Chu Feng and tried to bring them up. But because she was still glowing, even under water, she didn't want to go up and get questioned by him.

Chu Feng forcefully used all her strength to kick the male lead away but since they were under water, it was little to no use. She wasn't trained to swim nor trained to work with water. Only a little distance was created between them. 

Just how deep was this pond anyways? They have fallen for quite a bit now and don't seem to hit the floor. The moons were barely seeable now. Was the pond made to be a black hole or something?

The male lead swam for Chu Feng and grabbed her. Was this woman crazy? Did she want to kill herself that much? He was taking them up.

Chu Feng was really running out of air now. It's fine if she just take some air from the male lead right? She didn't want to die in a pond, especially if the pond belonged to the female lead's residence. At most, he was the male lead so he wouldn't die anyways. The female lead wouldn't know anyways since she isn't here. There were only the two of them here.

The Young Prime Minister Zhou felt the woman he was holding suddenly grab hold onto him instead of struggling away. Within a second, something soft touched his lips and pried it open. 

He couldn't believe it. He was trying to save her but she was trying to take his air away!

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