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In the end, Grandfather Han resolved everything and let Lan Jing go, but he was not left unharm. His internals were near to the point of breaking. 

For what had happened inside? No one knows, even Chu Feng. 

As days went by, Chu Feng panicked more about her fate. She wasn't really ready. She wasn't even Han Qin Xi in the first place. 

But still, everything she tried failed. She tried making the the faking death pill, but fail to do so. She tried poisoning herself, but failed. She tried hanging herself but failed because Yang came in running to save her. She tried cutting her wrist, but it healed too fast. She tried drowning but couldn't drown because a fisherman saved her. She tried damaging her spirit root but failed. 

At this point, she just didn't care about what happens anymore. How could she be so lucky to escape death but so unlucky to escape the claws of the story plot?

Is it that she can't die even if she wanted to yet unless it's her time to? 

Did she have to go through everything the story plot said? 

But unnoticed by her, all the servants gossiped about how their Third Young Miss tried to kill herself because she couldn't be with her lover. 

And soon, it spread throughout Nian City. Different perspectives and thoughts were brought upon the spread rumors. Some were dramatic and some were tragic.

"Third Young Miss of the Han Clan fell in love yet that love was forbidden for she has already have a fiance."

"Han Qin Xi's fallen love story has got her to find death than marry!"

"Third Young Miss of the Han Clan cheated on her fiance, the Young Prime Minister Zhou."

"Han Clan's Third Young Miss would rather seek death than marry the one she does not love!"

Han Qin Xi this and Han Qin Xi that was spread everywhere. It was made into a forbidden love story with a tragic ending.

Although all this was going on, Chu feng seemed to have not notice. She was too focused on trying to break the engagement. 

Yet, in the end, there was only a week left. A week, was all there was left until the wedding.

Everyone was preparing for the wedding of the Prime Minister Zhou and Han Qin Xi.

Was it really that she could not avoid fate? 

Was it really that she will have to die?

Chu Feng sighed as she was forced to sow her own wedding dress. Yang and the other maids stayed there to watch Chu feng poke her fingers many time. She was not used to this. 

She never had to sow like this before in her lifetime. She had only done it on ripped clothes and sow it the easy way. 

Now, she had to do it like a professional.

She was being watched the whole day until night. The servants were there so that Chu Feng couldn't try anything funny.

The process continued again until the day of the wedding.

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