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The Boy Born From the Sea by Yukimoto-Namikaze
The Boy Born From the Seaby Yuki
AKA: Percy Adopts Everything WARNING! YAOI IS IN THIS STORY! (Yaoi = Boy x Boy) Tony/Percy/Bucky In this story, Percy is nineteen, Tony is twenty four, and Bucky is twen...
"He bought me..."| Blacktan Story by armyblinkfanforever
"He bought me..."| Blacktan Storyby Kim Yun
This is a BLACKTAN FF. There will be the following ships Lizkook Jirose Taennie Jinsoo So Lisa, Rosè and Jennie are famous strippers and sextoys. They get sold by one...
Invisible Strings: Edser Fics by nysamiyy
Invisible Strings: Edser Ficsby nysamiyy
A collection of alternate universe one shots of my favorite couple. A lot of them are inspired by songs and my dreams. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do writing them...
Don't Read (The Last Page) by edaaaa85
Don't Read (The Last Page)by edaa
This is my little collection of one-shots, what ifs and AUs (so be prepared for long author's notes of me trying to explain the universe the AU is set in) about the char...
And Then You Happened by the_meltinglines
And Then You Happenedby Chandani
Best ranking #1 in pearlvpuri as on 11/20 #1 in Surbhi Jyoti as on 04/20 & 05/20 #1 in pvp as on 01/20 & 05/20 #3 in 'Love Is In the Air' as on 01/20 #2 in ' Pearl V...
Raabta - A Soul Connection by xgeceyildizx
Raabta - A Soul Connectionby xgeceyildizx
Eda Yildiz & Serkan Bolat. They were like twinflames, like soulmates... connected. Short stories inspired by the turkish dizi - Sen Cal Kapimi (You knock on my door).
Qurbat by fictions_by_s
Qurbatby Shahana_world
This story is really close to my heart bcz its my first story.. I hope u ll like it... A story of innocent girl and arrogant boy..... Kbi kbi zindagi m ek gltfhmi kayi...
Meeting Prime Minister by flowersherbet
Meeting Prime Ministerby flowersherbet
WARNING: Story will be on hiatus until further notice (need more to think through the plot) Traveling into an unfinished book "The Last Winter Flower of Nian City&q...
"With Every Gaze And Touch..." -- EdSer One-shots And Little Stories by SLynx19
"With Every Gaze And Touch..." Sarah Lynx
"With Every Gaze and Touch..." they impacted each other, hated each other, grew close then apart... But one thing was certain, with every gaze and every touch...
I Fell Inlove With My Personal Maid by sssarangseurowo
I Fell Inlove With My Personal Maidby Sophie Bella
"She's my personal maid.. I can't fall for her!" - Jace Gailford
Another Princess ( LOVELY PRINCESS)  by Athanasia201
Another Princess ( LOVELY Athanasia201
#1 Highest ranking in Lovely Princess 23/11/20 Treasure of Obelia? or a Psychopath? Jenette De Alger Obelia the real treasure of Emperor Claude steals everything from p...
✨Everything is beautiful with you✨ by _love_whisperer_005
✨Everything is beautiful with you✨by _love_whisperer_005
This is a story inspired from Sen Çal Kapımı with the love story of Eda Yildiz and Serkan Bolat.✨ All characters belong to their owners but all events happening in the s...
Not A Simple Love ✔ by Mysteriouzz8
Not A Simple Love ✔by ✨M¥stī©✨
MANAN FF My First Story It's the story of a simple, bubbly, chirpy girl and a punctual ☺and decent boy who is always in his work. What happens when the girl wants his at...
Ye Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke (On Hold) by pranathiashwath
Ye Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke (On Hold)by Pranathi Ashwath
Hey y'all! Mishbirian here❤ This story begins with two sisters and brothers who are head to the kutch festival! Let's embark upon their journey and look what they've got...
Manik Malhotra may be a monster for the world but he is a protector of Fab5 and life of his jaan Fab5 and nandini both are very important for him What if he has to cho...
Manan FF arrangé pour vous by concordia_intenebris
Manan FF arrangé pour vousby little_snowy
Highest Ranked #2# in Manik #4# in loveintheair Heyyy sweeties... back with a new manan story... the story title means arranged to you... in French... Arranged marriage...
MANAN - Love Story With A Twisted Tale by Poojatiwari808
MANAN - Love Story With A Pooja tiwari
Hi guys this is my very first story on wattpad please support me My story is of our very known MANAN Lets peep into the story so guys peep in to know more..
Peri Kiz Ve RoBo by SanaLaiqKhan
Peri Kiz Ve RoBoby SanaLaiqKhan
A fan fic written Eda Yildiz is florist . Her motto "Live life like it's a miracle " Serkan Bolat is fierce businessman. His motto " Don't enter the game...
Say You'll Remember Me by edaaaa85
Say You'll Remember Meby edaa
COMPLETE. AU of Serkan coming back with memory loss, hurting Eda and Engin setting Serkan straight and what comes next. Story and chapter titles from Taylor Swift songs.
Loved By a Vampire✔️ by Mysteriouzz8
Loved By a Vampire✔️by ✨M¥stī©✨
Manan TS (A Supernatural Story)✔️ After losing his one and only family and love " His soulmate " after biting her unintentionally , his life takes a sharp turn...