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Ming Shu stood by the side watching Chu Feng manage her store almost everyday day by day. Mingyu and Mei Lien helped handle the affairs of the store and took in requests.

"Hey, send this to the Li Clan's second miss, Li Gao Xian," Chu Feng said as she finished gently putting the Jaded Vine into a box and wrapped it beautifully with a cloth. She handed it to Ming Shu carefully who Chu Feng was tired of seeing her only stand every day day by day.

"Why do you and your servants refer Li Gao Xian as the second miss? Isn't it that Li Gao Xian is the only daughter of the Head of the Li family?" Ming Shu questioned. She took hold of the Jaded Vine while Chu Feng casted a protection spell on the plant. 

"It's because she is," Chu Feng plainly said. She couldn't really spill all she knew about the Li family right now. She had forgotten that the Li family has yet to announce that they had another daughter, the female lead, Li Yu Yan. 

Only the people who helped the female lead from kidnappers knew of this. Well, to be specific, only Madam Zhou, the Young Prime Minister Zhou, Madam Li, and her husband Master Li 'protected' this secret. Oh, Li Gao Xian also knew. She was a bright child from the start.

I'm surprised she didn't grow any jealousy over her sister, Li Yu Yan, who had all the attention and love from their parents. 

Though that was only Chu Feng's thinking as a reader, a spectator, not as a character or someone from the book. Her thoughts have been changing while she lives as Han Qin Xi's character.

But wasn't Li Gao Xian's mother's birthday celebrated on her birthday? Why did they suddenly change the date to an earlier one?

Ming Shu didn't ask any further questions since she will find out about it soon anyways from her servants. If one thought that the Zhou residence's servants and maids were bad, then the Ming residence's would be worse though not the worse. The most toxic ones weren't from either household. Ming Shu went away in a flash.

"We'll close early for today." 

Chu Feng yawned, her hands high up as she stretched out. She looked at Mei Lien. It has been awhile since Mei Lien went sightseeing because Chu Feng had told her to stay near the shop in case someone from the Zhou residence sees her. 

There was half a day left. She planned to take Mei Lien out with her for a bit and then return to the Zhou residence to attend the Li clan's second wife's birthday party, or Li Gao Xian's mother's birthday. She couldn't say no to it as she was the first wife, though not the main wife. As there was no main wife of the Young Prime Minister Zhou, she had to go. Something horrible was bound to happen today. 

As she closed the door, a dark misty figure was approaching the shop. Mingyu, the first one to notice, ran to Chu Feng and pulled Chu Feng away, closing the door fast. The oil lamps and lanterns were blown off the moment the door closed. The dark misty figure had gotten inside. 


The dark misty figure made sounds. 

Mingyu was very protective, not only of Chu Feng but also Mei Lien. He got the two behind him. 

Chu Feng's eyes opened in amazement, seeing Lou Siying. It was him--No, his shadow. Sometimes, when Lou Siying is asleep, his shadow would go out and either murder people or make deals with them. In the novel, it was either a funny scene or scene filled with a blood bath. 

This may be a bloodbath, however. There was always a low chance, like really rare, when Lou Siying would spare someone. Lou Siying's character is seen as a complex character by the readers though the author claims he isn't as much as all the male leads.

"Are you a customer?" Chu Feng unconsciously asked at the stranger who came into their store.

Her eyes sparkled. The handsome man was just right in front of her (it was only a dark misty figure). So close yet so far. When Chu Feng was still a reader, she thought that if Lou Siying killed her, she wouldn't mind. He was a pitiful character to the point where some readers answered they would died for him when the author asked. Lou Siying was voted the number one as the hottest evil villain in the novel who broke the webpage after all. His insanity drove the readers crazy (crazy in the way that made them love him even more).

Lou Siying's shadow dropped something and disappeared into the darkness. Based on Mingyu's disappearing uneasiness, Chu Feng concluded that Lou Siying's shadow left. She went to grab the dropped item. It was a piece of paper. 

Mingyu grabbed it immediately away from Chu Feng, making sure that there was nothing on the paper. After finishing examining the paper, he gave it to Chu Feng who was not taking her eyes off from the paper. She was very curious.

As soon as she got the paper, she read it. 

"Ahaha," Chu Feng bursted out laughing, holding her stomach. What she thought would become a bloodbath became something else. Lou Siying's shadow was here to request a type of flower, the King of the Night flower. It was a rare flower, really rare to the point where it never seem to exist. 

There was only one time in the novel that this type of flower was mentioned. It was when Lou Siying went over to steal it from the Li clan after Li Yu Yan mentioned that they had a flower like that. It was one of Li Gao Xian's guarded secret which Li Yu Yan only knew because she could feel the presence of it as she was a Flower Maiden. 

That was the one and last time Li Gao Xian met Lou Siying. She was the only ever woman who touched Lou Siying throughout the volumes that were released but died. The readers believed that if Li Gao Xian was still alive, then she would have been able to love Lou Siying and maybe save him from the darkness. A lot of readers expected for the two to end up together, but the author just had to kill her off. Though, Chu Feng would have preferred Li Gao Xian with Lan Jing.

Did Lou Siying's shadow go into the store fast because she was closing the door? 

'How funny', Chu Feng thought, pulling out a smile. 

Mingyu caught sight of it. What was in that paper that made Chu Feng smile?

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